How To Hook Up a PS3 via Wireless Router

One of the best features of the PlayStation 3 is its’ ability to connect to the internet. All PS3s today come equipped with wireless compatibility. This means that you can use your PS3 device to connect to a wireless network in your home, or to the Wi-Fi networks in cafes, malls, and other public places. Here’s how.

  • Settings. First of all, you need to turn on your PS3 console, and attach at least one of the controllers to be used for navigating through the console. Once the console has been turned on, go to the Settings tab that is located in the main menu of the PS3. From the Settings, search and open the Network Settings.
  • Enable. From the Network Settings, you should select the Internet Connection tab. Here, you will find the option of enabling the network adapter that is built right into the PS3 console. Do this by checking and entering the Internet Connection Settings tab. here, you have an option that will allow you to proceed with the setup using the Easy Mode. Click on the “Easy” button, which will give you a list of different connection methods. Choose “Wireless” as the connection method for your PS3 console.
  • Automatic. Once you choose the Wireless connection method, the wireless network adapter will start to function, and the PS3 console will begin looking for signals from a network that it can link with. By default, the wireless network adapter in the PS3 will work automatically once you have chosen the Wireless network. The automatic function means that the PS3 will try to connect with the strongest and first wireless network that it encounters. If your console does not find any signal, you should try to position the wireless router in the direction of the PS3 console, to help the console get better signals.
  • Finishing. After the PS3 console has automatically linked itself with the first available wireless network, you will only need to confirm the network by pressing the “Finish” button. In some cases, however, you may have a wireless network that contains password protection .if you have password protection, then you will be asked to input the password using the gaming console. After you have entered the password, you can click on the “Finish” button.
  • Internet Speed. Although at this point you will have already connected your PS3 console with the wireless network in your home, you should still keep in mind that you need to have high speed internet if you want to be able to enjoy the full functionality of the online games and online gaming functions of the PS3. Only through high speed internet will you be able to play quickly and without lag. If you have a slow internet connection speed, playing online real-time games may still prove to be difficult. Whatever your internet speed, however, you should be able to browse the internet using the PS3 console and its web-browsing functions.

With these steps, you should be able to hook up your PS3 console to the internet, wirelessly.


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