How To Identify Google Work from Home Scams

Scams abound these days, given the precarious nature of the economy and the need for more employment opportunities. And what better way to dangle a carrot of hope by attaching the scam work to a dignified brand such as Google? These days, it's all too easy to fall for these work from home scam traps that claim to be linked to Google that it's hard to tell fake from legitimate business opportunities.

  1. Home-based business help - One of the most alluring types of Google work from home scams is the home-based business help that usually hovers around numerous Web sites. This type of scam is very appealing - especially to those who are tired of the usual office work and want to try something new in the form of the home-based businesses offered by some scams. The desire to have a business is a good one. However, you will need to make sure that you get the right business help from legitimate sources and not just on a work at home basis. You can check for legitimacy best if there is an offline office tied to the home-based business help offer that you see on the Web site.
  2. Menial tasks (envelope stuffing etc.) - Another popular Google work from home scam is that involving menial tasks that can be done offline but are proposed to be done online. Envelope stuffing, typing and many others fall under this category. If the deal is shady in your perspective and there is not must clarity or transparency with how the process goes, then you can keep your suspicion antenna up and hold your horses until you get a good deal that does not seem so vague and uncertain.
  3. Dial a 1-900 number scam - This is the most obvious of all the work at home scams since it will require you to spend money on your phone bill just to access a business opportunity. If you are asked to dial a number so that you can get additional details about a certain business opportunity linked to Google, then you will have more than enough reason to stay in doubt of the legitimacy of that business.
  4. Recruitment and chain letters - This is the most prevalent work from home scam, even in the offline world. Yet, many people continue to be misled probably because of the charming marketing skills of the people who are into making scams out of this business.

Doing online work, whether it's search work, or VoIP work, or any kind of work masters of scams will pollute and abuse, requires a lot of clarity and certainty. There are still arguably many forms of legitimate work available on the Internet, but you need to make sure that the benefits and conditions for work tally up and do not sound too good or unreasonable to be true. You might find that working abroad is better than doing some work which claims to be Bluetooth-affiliated, Google-affiliated or connected to any prestigious name without the proper document or endorsement to show for it.


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