How To Identify Motherboard Drivers

Your computer cannot work normally without a properly installed motherboard. For that, the motherboard drivers are needed. Drivers are the digital counterparts of the hardware motherboard. Without the driver, the computer cannot detect your motherboard and you can't use your device normally. But how can you install the motherboard drivers if you can't even identify which is it?

There are a few ways to identify motherboard drivers. First, try to look for it in your computer. Another way is to look for the driver CD.

Look Up in My Computer

Follow these steps when looking for the motherboard drivers in your computer:

  • Open the My Computer properties. To do this, you have to look for My Computer icon. There are two places you can find this-on the desktop or from the Start button. My Computer is easily identifiable with its name and the computer-like icon. Right click that icon and choose Properties from the drop-down menu.
  • Find the motherboard. A new window will appear after clicking the Properties. Chose the Hardware tab in that window. And then, click on the Device Manager. Click on the System Devices. The list in the Device Manager window is alphabetically arranged so it should be easy to look for that. Double click the System Devices to expand it. There, you will see the different programs used to normally run the system. Look for the Motherboard Resources and double click that. Again, this list is alphabetically arranged for easy searching.
  • Get the motherboard drivers. The Motherboard Resources Properties window will appear after that. Here, you will see the important details about your motherboard. Go to the Driver tab and from there, you will see your options-driver details, update driver, roll back driver, and uninstall. Click on the Driver Details and you will see the information about your motherboard. If the motherboard has been installed, you will receive a "No driver files required or have been loaded for this device" message.

Look for the CD

Motherboards come with their installation CD. You will find the motherboard drivers in this as well as other important drivers for the soundcard, video card, etc.

Motherboard drivers in CDs are usually marked Driver CD, Utilities CD, or Driver and Utilities CD. Similar names might be used, so better check the CD.

You will know if that CD is the right one after inserting it in the CD drive. There should be no error and the installation should go smoothly using the right driver CD.

Finding Motherboard Driver

Sometimes, you are left with no other option but to look for a new copy of Motherboard Driver. That should be easy especially if your motherboard is made by a renowned company or was manufactured within the last 10 years.

  • Determine the brand and model of your motherboard. You need the complete motherboard details when looking for the driver's copy. You'll see that on the motherboard box. If this is not available, you can download a third-party application like CPU-Z to help you determine the important motherboard details.
  • Search the name of your motherboard and include the words "driver download." Getting a copy of the driver from third-party websites is okay but it's more advisable you get a copy directly from the motherboard manufacturer.
  • With these ways, identifying the motherboard drivers should be a no-brainer. In case you can't still identify the drivers and can't fix your motherboard, better call a professional for help.


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