How To Improve SharePoint Latency and Optimization Over the WAN

Microsoft SharePoint has been a tremendous help to many companies and businesses worldwide. It simply improves the communication between people who work together. It builds opportunities for having effective information dissemination plans, as well as manages documents and publishes reports. This program and application will definitely aid the company members in making their valuable decisions. However the presence of latency issues and poor WAN optimization often drags the productivity of this program down. It is important to have basic knowledge on how to deal with these problems and thus allow the best performance of SharePoint to you as an end-user. Here are some steps that might be helpful in achieving such:

  • Keep your computer clean. Not all technological products are beneficial to your system. There is a widespread pestilence brought about by leagues of malicious files and viruses that your system might be susceptible to. Keep your system always safe and clean. Have a reliable anti-virus program as well as other specific combative applications such anti-spyware, anti-adware and of course “cleaner” programs.
  • Don’t forget to defragment your computer regularly. This move will optimize not only your SharePoint application but will be advantageous to the whole system as well.
  • Use WAN accelerators. These programs are a big help in the optimization of WAN for SharePoint. These accelerators are said to have three core areas: data handling, protocol acceleration and traffic management. Data handling involves compression of files and objects as well as caching and encryption. Protocol acceleration is more concerned on optimizing TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) track and reducing protocol “chatter” over WAN. The third one is the traffic management, which is further divided to quality of service and band throttling.
  • Follow the best practices prescribed by the SharePoint engineering team. They have three basic requirements that are considered must- haves: a 64- bit hardware, CPU power and a high memory. Along with the hardware, also make sure that you have installed the latest software. There are specific feature areas designed to make your content deployment not only faster but better as well.
  • Pinpoint latency issues. In order for you to improve latency, you should know and resolve the issues associated with it. Here are some recommended tools for such: Fiddler, Team System 2010, Virtual Round Trip Analyzer, and the JS Profiler.
  • Be mindful of the codes. A poorly written code can have detrimental results on the performance. A custom code is a prime example of which. A poor code will not only affect the current session but the whole server as well.

Ways are limited on improving the latency of SharePoint as well as to optimize its WAN. It often requires the experience and skill of its manufacturers or engineering team. It is best to seek available IT (information technology) sites online for proper referral of SharePoint problems. There are also a number of supported programs that can help improve not only the latency and the WAN but also the whole package of SharePoint as well.


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