How To Improve WiFi Reception

Browsing the net via wifi
WiFi is the latest in a series of innovations which is meant to make your surfing experience faster, convenient and interesting. As opposed to the traditional modem with wires sticking all over, the WiFi kit consists of a wireless router and a PC card, which can be sited anywhere, being very mobile, and uses radio waves at certain frequencies, allowing you to connect to the Internet without unnecessary wires. Listed below are some ways in which you can improve your WiFi reception and enhance your surfing experience.

Step 1

Router placement. Placing the router in certain spots in your home will ensure that you get a good reception whenever you use WiFi. Ideally, the router should be placed on a higher level than other objects in your room. Make sure that the router or its antennae do not come in any contact with other cords or wires. Keep instruments such as cordless phones or microwave ovens which can interfere with the router reception, since these also operate on similar radio frequencies. The WiFi router should be placed ideally in the middle of the room, keep obstructions such as furniture out of the way by lining them up against the walls, leaving the space in the middle of the room free.

Step 2

Placement of the computer. Position your computer in such a way that it does not come between the PC card and the router antennae. Placing your computer in this manner will improve the reception on your WiFi router.

Step 3

Avoid mirrors. Metallic surfaces of any kind, including those of mirrors, reflect WiFi signals away from the router, so it is important that the living space around the router is free of metallic surfaces of any kind.

Step 4

Using additional external antenna and other devices. One other method to improve your WiFi reception is to invest in an external antenna which will help in gaining higher signal reception. Another option is to buy a WiFi amplifier, which will help if you have multiple connections in your home. A WiFi repeater is also a useful device to invest in; it strengthens the signal between the router and your computer.

Step 5

Upgrading the software. This method is not recommended if there is a warranty period in place on your router. The in-built software can be replaced with open source software available on the Internet for downloads. This software adds the signal capturing capability of your router and offers the choice of increasing the power being fed to the antenna.

Read through the pros and cons of each of the methods described here for improving the WiFi reception in your home. While these are certainly helpful, remember, replacing router software can void the service warranty and should your router malfunction, you will end up spending extra money needlessly. Therefore, make any changes to the router or other equipment only if it is authorized and allowed.


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