How To Improve Your Broadband Speed

The Internet is everywhere! It might be a cliché to say and describe how the Internet has been making things easier for us but it is a fact no one can dispute. From communicating with various people to purchasing products, you depend on the Internet to do many transactions that you need to do in your everyday life.

With the countless things you can do on the Internet, having easy access to the Internet can be very advantageous. One of the ways by which you can attain this is by getting an Internet connection through broadband. The only unpleasant thing about this is that sometimes the broadband speed can be staggeringly slow.  Read the following and find out ways by which you can improve your broadband speed:

  1. Before you can speed up your broadband speed, you first need to check the RAM capacity of your computer. If it is 256 MB or higher, it is recommended that you adjust the buffer found in the memory of your computer. This will make your computer deal better with interruptions made from the USB modem. This is vital since interruptions also slower your broadband speed.
  2. Next, determine the right kind of USB device used by your modem. You can look for it in the power tab under the USB ADSL modem. Go to the resources tab and there, look for the assigned IRQ. Take note that IRQs and modem types might differ so be careful in checking the IRQ of the modem you are using.
  3. After doing this, you need to modify he system file of your computer. Expand the system file window and then find the 386enh line. Create a blank line by pressing enter and in that blank line, write IrqX=4096. X here is the corresponding IRQ number which you will find by doing Step 3.
  4. When you have gotten your IRQ, click on the file menu and then press the Save option. Doing this will save your IRQ number in your computer.
  5. Close SYSEDIT and then start rebooting your computer. You might need to do several reboots before the increase in the speed of your broadband Internet will be noticeable. Have a broadband tester with you to help you observe the changes in the speed of broadband connection.
  6. Always maintain a broadband check. Check the changing speed of your computer. Conduct speed testers regularly so you can find out if further processes are still needed to improve its broadband speed.

To make things convenient for you, increasing broadband speed can make your life easier and less stressful. By reading the guide above, connecting to the Internet using a broadband connection will certainly help you to be more productive and content. With increased broadband speed, you no longer have to wear your patience out in accomplishing the things you need to do on the Internet.


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