How To Improve Your PowerPoint Presentations

In this time and age, with the advancement of technology business presentations, sales pitches, and classroom presentations are no longer as boring as they were before. Gone are the days when we have to find someone who writes legibly and draws well to force them into writing the highlights of our presentations on flip chart papers. Thanks to PowerPoint presentations, our business, sales, and even Sunday school presentations have become more interesting. To make sure you make the most of your presentation, here are a few tips:

  • Do not put too many details in one slide. Heavy paragraphs could be hard for your audience to read, so you may want to use bullet points instead. Just write down the gist for each bullet point, and try not to include the entire explanation. You don't want to be referred to later on as the narrator, because you are just reading off from your presentation.
  • Consider your audience and the size of the room as well as the projector. If you will be presenting to a large audience, you might want to increase your font size. This will ensure that your readers from the back of the room can still read your presentation.
  • Use animation. This will certainly make your presentation catchy. You can make use of it for business presentations in case you want to put emphasis on some of your points. On the other hand, using animation is something that you may also want to use especially if the presentation will be for little kids. It will keep them glued to your presentation and prevent them from talking to their seatmates. There are different effects that you could choose from.

    Remember though, that if it's a business presentation, you don't want to use animation on every bullet point that you have, as it will not look very professional. At the same time, you may want to stick to only one to two effects.

  • Try adding pictures as well. Colorful and interesting pictures are sure ways to take the monotony out of presentations. Just a little reminder though, when adding pictures to your presentation, make sure you that it has a relevance to the topic at hand. The pictures should not be in any way offensive, derogatory or vulgar. At the same time, you may want to properly acknowledge the source of the photograph, and make sure you are not violating any proprietary rights by using pictures, especially if they were taken from the Internet. To play it safe, you can search for pictures from the clip art gallery of Microsoft PowerPoint.

If you have a pretty casual presentation, and if your audience is made up of young kids, another way to make your presentation interesting would be by adding some sounds to parts of the presentation that you would like to stress. PowerPoint offers sounds that you can choose from. Good luck!


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