How To Increase Power to a Wireless Router

With today’s various Internet endeavors likes social networking, blogging and research, people would always desire to have a fast Internet connection. People always want to keep track of what is en vogue in cyberspace and not having a powerful connection would not allow that.

Having a personal router at home is the way to go so that you can do every Internet activity in your own comfort. You would no longer have to go to an Internet café to get a good net connection. The only thing you will have to take care of is how you can speed it up so that you will not take too much time waiting for a site to load its page and readily enjoy personal browsing time.

Here are some tips on how you can increase the power to your personal browser so that you can maximize your Internet time.

  • You may want to upgrade. It is advisable to upgrade both your wireless adapters and routers. The 802.11n is an innovation in Wi-Fi technology. Getting yourself one will surely increase speed in Internet surfing. Many people have been opting to buy themselves this hardware since it came out of the market. It is quite a development from its earlier generations. The 802.11n boasts of reaching up to 540 Mbits. This means that it is indeed faster compared to 802.11b and 802.11g combined.
  • Position your router on a more open space. If you have your router against the wall, then you might want to consider changing its position. Placing your router near metallic objects or putting them on the floor will do your router no good. What will happen is that the connection will only keep on fluctuating and it is possible with the signal altogether. If you are in an office space, try placing your router in the central spot so that no matter where the Wi-Fi signal is coming from, your router is sure to catch it.
  • You can get a directional wireless antenna. You can attach the directional wireless antenna to either the router or the computer. Although buying may be a good move, the walls around your space may still prove to be a problem. Walls can be a big hindrance, so you may be well off with a running Ethernet cable.
  • Change your wireless channel. If by chance, you are using a channel that a network nearby is broadcasting as well, you may want to switch to another. What will happen is both of your networks routers will only lose power. What you need to do is log into the router through your browser, look for a channel that nobody uses and select it. Your signal will regain strength.
  • If you can afford it, buy a wireless repeater. Access points extend the network range without having to install additional wiring. Position the access point near your computer and your first access point. This will already hasten your connection.
  • Most upgrades for router’s firmware are free. These days most upgrades come free. Providers can provide their service in improving wireless performance without charge. You will have to check this on your web site’s manufacturer. To get the instant update, select the “Hardware Optional” when you visit Microsoft Update.

Having a fast wireless connection will not only speed things up for your Internet browser but it will also keep you up-to-date faster with web activity. Getting new enhancements for your connection may prove to be costly, but rest assured they are good investments.


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