How To Increase Range of a Wi-Fi (Wireless) Router

The advent of Wi-Fi technology is one of the best things that have happened to the Internet generation. This enabled Internet users to gain faster Internet connection through accessible places. From coffee shops to fast food chains, Wi-Fi spots abound. Many people opt to have their own Wi-Fi router so that they can use the Internet in the comfort of their own homes. However, just as in any form of technology, Wi-Fi routers have limitations. One of them is the range that the Wi-Fi router can reach. It is a good thing that there are ways that can increase its range. Here are some tips so that you can begin to maximize your Wi-Fi range.

  • Upgrade your router. Upgrading can mean having to buy a new one. In this fast-paced age, technology introduces innovations as fast as you can change your clothes on a daily basis. From 802.11a, sprang the 802.11n. This is quite a jump with its capacity of 540 Mbits, many times stronger than its forerunners.
  • Research on new routers. You have to do your homework and research on the most recent developments in Wi-Fi. You can into the reviews of Linksys and Netgear amongst the providers of routers. Know how to distinguish which may be the most efficient of all brands available in the market.
  • Rearrange your working area. If you cannot afford buying other hardware, then you might want to try manipulating your environment. Keep the router away from metallic objects and thin metal linings found in mirrors. These can disrupt the signal that your router is channeling. You can put the router in the center of your residence or place it on a high shelf.
If it is too close to your neighbor’s router, you might want to consider drawing it away from it. If you and your neighbor is using the same channel, both of you run the risk of losing range and power.
You also have to take the router from cordless phones along with your microwave as they run on the same frequency. This will only disrupt your signal as computer wires, can.
  • Try getting any other deterrent out of the way. Try getting rid of removable hardware devices like hubs and flash drives. Plug your laptop into an AC adapter. The reason why your computer is not receiving fast Internet connection is maybe that it might not be receiving sufficient power. Getting other hardware off means, you are giving more uncompromised power to your connection.

These are practical ways to give your Wi-Fi router a boost. However, before you go about purchasing upgrades, you might want to try checking your working environment first. If you find that you can maximize your workplace more without having to buy more gadgets, then by all means, make use of what you have. The beauty of technology is that, you are always the boss of it. You are its master and therefore you can manipulate it to serve you better.


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