How To Increase Signal Strength for Wireless Internet

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Advancement in technology has made wireless Internet connection possible. Reaching global audience not only became possible, but also relatively easier and faster. It is important to capitalize on a strong wireless connection, especially when using Internet connection for online business ventures. The speed of connection, plus strength of signal could determine success of your business venture. There are a number of ways to boost the signal of wireless Internet, extend the range and improve network performance.

  • Identify the location of the Central Access Point. You must identify a central location for the wireless router. Commonly, a router fitted against any external surface transmits weak signals. Make sure that you have a wide, open space for equal distribution of signal radiation all over the area.
  • Make sure that there are no interferences. Thick walls can obscure wireless Internet connection. Place your router on plain view such as a desk or dresser. Make sure that you keep the microwaves or any other electronic device away from the router. Also remember that metal equipment, such as filing cabinets and metal drawers hinder transmission of signals, causing weak Internet connections.
  • Use high-gain directional antenna. Omni-directional antennas are slower because of internal and external obstructions, which waste the signals. Invest on a high-gain antenna. This antenna accesses and transmits wireless signals from a single direction. Point the antenna on the area with optimum signal transmission.
  • Add a Wireless-G range expander. Expand the range of your router by placing a Wireless- G range expander. It automatically configures itself to the wireless network and relay even difficult to reach signals to the wireless devices. This can help you have an optimal connection by preventing slow connectivity.
  • Invest in a USB network adapter. There are cases where in the router may send good signal to reach the computer, but the computer may not be able to re-transmit the signal equally. By using a USB adapter, instead of card-based adapter, you will have an increased range, markedly increasing signal strength and computer network.
  • Opt for a repeater. A repeater is a physical medium, which operates for the Open Systems Interconnection Basic Reference Model. It takes signals and extends the range. This prevents weakening of the signal. It also filters electrical noise that may interfere with the propagation and distribution of the signal.
  • Upgrade to a new Wireless-N router. If you have a Wireless-G router but still encounter weak Internet connection, you can upgrade to a Wireless-N router. The advance technology facilitates your Internet connection, ensures best signal possible and prevents frequent Internet connection loss.
  • Dual Band routers. You can convert into 5 GHz band when rendering high definition movies and other media on the net through dual band routers. Since other devices, such as microwaves and cellular phones, use 2.4 GHz, there will be less interference with your Internet connection.

There are many ways and means of boosting your wireless signal strength, to extend the wireless range and improve dedicated network performance. The most important thing is that you know your gadget’s core components to be able to find the appropriate remedy.


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