How To Increase the Memory for a Macintosh Application

Applications use up a considerable amount of memory, and some applications may require more to run properly. Virtual memory is used by applications to help open large files. As you work with the application, files are created for every function, and this could use up the allotted virtual memory and cause the program to slow down. To make sure you have enough memory for your Macintosh Applications, you can follow these steps to increase virtual memory.

  1. Check how much virtual memory is being used. First check how much RAM is installed on your Macintosh. The RAM or Random Access Memory acts as data storage where bits of information are accessed anytime and in any order temporarily for your computer and its applications to run. On the top left most corner of your screen, locate the Apple Menu and click it. Go to the "About this computer" and a window will be displayed on your screen showing how much physical memory your Macintosh is installed with, and you will see how much Virtual Memory is available for use.
  2. Configure virtual memory. The virtual memory on your computer uses disk space to help programs function when they need more memory. It will allow programs that require larger spaces to use it while you work on large files or documents. To get more virtual memory, go to the Apple menu found on the top left most corner of the desktop and click the Control Panels folder. From there choose the Memory control panel and find the Virtual Memory section. Check if 128mb is being used, if not, increase it to that amount. If it already states 128mb is being used you have the option of increasing the value if you want more for your computer to function without slowing down. Increase the virtual memory to double the existing amount, then exit the Memory control panel. Restart your computer for the changes you made to the virtual memory to take effect.
  3. Increase memory for an application. For individual applications that are in need of more virtual memory, you can increase the memory space for its use by first exiting the program if it is in use. Highlight the application's icon by selecting it, and press Command-l to get info, and then in the window that appears find the Memory section and input a value that is twice what is shown in the Preferred Size box. Increasing and decreasing memory for applications can be done this way. Now exit and activate the program, the configurations you made will now take effect for that application.

Increasing the virtual memory for your computer and applications will help make the applications on your Mac run efficiently.


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