How To Increase Wireless Internet Speed

There are things you can do to increase the speed of your wireless Internet. Rather than bombarding your Internet provider’s customer service hotline, you can try some do-it-yourself techniques that can boost up your connections in no time:

  • Position all the devices close to each other as possible. Keeping the wireless router and adapter closer will get rid of any interruption present in the field. Consequently, it will speed up your wireless connection. Most wireless networks are made up of short- ranged equipments so the distance that you save matters a lot.
  • When you find that moving devices close to each other is troublesome and impossible, you can always seek the aid of a wireless repeater. A wireless repeater widens the signal’s range as well as adds to its strength. It can definitely increase the performance of your wireless network despite obstructions.
  • Keep your wireless network away from the kitchen. Microwaves do affect your wireless connection more than you realize it. It is powerful enough to disrupt and even stop your Internet speed! It is important to note that in measuring proximity, walls don’t matter. Even if the kitchen and your wireless network are separated by walls, it can still cause trouble. What is even worse is that the microwave can actually inflict permanent damage on your wireless device.
  • Opt for newer network card. Usually the newer cards are more powerful and efficient in picking up network signals. This is because newer cards are equipped with a higher technological set up that allows for faster connection speed. For example, wireless 802.11N cards are the fastest of the lot, while the 802.11B are the slowest.
  • Reduce the congestion. Slower Internet connection speed is sometimes caused by too much network usage. This is particularly true when there are too many users connected to the server. It will be wise to disconnect other computers to lighten the load and increase the speed with free bandwidth. Since wireless connections have a tendency to cater for a wide range of users in a certain area, you need to protect your connection with a password. This is to prevent free riders from having an unauthorized access to your wireless connection which congests it and makes it slower.
  • Change your wireless channel. Wireless routers sometimes function similarly to that of a radio. Just like other radio channels are clearer than others, some wireless channels are faster than others too. Go to your router’s configuration page and change the channel until you find one which makes the speed faster. No need to change the configuration of your computer for this. Usually for the United States and Canada, it is channels 1, 6 and 11.
  • Replace your router’s antenna from a standard one to a hi-gain one. A standard antenna is the type that most manufacturers provide. This type sends signals to all directions around the router. If you are usually in a particular direction all the time, you receive only half of the router’s power. It is wise to change your antenna to a hi-gain one. A hi-gain antenna focuses all the signals to the direction where you need it the most, thus increasing the speed you receive.

Having a faster wireless connection speed will allow you to accomplish more things in a given time. For productivity’s sake and for your comfort as well, trying several tips to increase wireless Internet connection is really worth the effort and time.


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