How To Insert Icons into Your Taskbar

Your computer gives you a range of programs at your fingertips. And some of them you use more than others. Rather than sifting through the many programs found on your desktop or start menu, why not consider inserting icons for your favorite programs into your taskbar? Here's how to improve accessibility to your favorite programs.

Step 1

Understand what a program icon is. When you see a program icon (or a little tiny picture that, when clicked on, takes you to that program), it's not actually the link for the real program. It's just a shortcut. A shortcut icon on your desktop is denoted with a tiny arrow in the corner. What this means is that even if you delete the icon or a shortcut icon from your desktop, it won't have any effect on the program itself. You're only deleting the shortcut to that program, not the program itself. So you can feel safe knowing that you can add and delete icons to your desktop and taskbar as often as you like without it causing any problems with your favorite programs.

Step 2

Make sure there isn't already an icon in your taskbar. Before you insert icons into your taskbar, ensure that one doesn't already exist. On the left side of your screen by the "Start" icon, the collection of icons is referred to as the "quick launch" section. This is the portion of your task bar that you can manipulate, adding and removing icons at your will. On the other side of the taskbar near your clock are the "System Tray" icons. You don't have any power over what icons go here, other than if you are given the option to create an icon there when you first install a program.

On both the quick launch bar and the system tray, look for an icon that matches the program icon that you want to insert in your task bar. Sometimes you can't see all of the icons in either tray because you've added too many. Just click on the little white arrow beside the icons and it will extend the taskbar to show all of the icons in your taskbar.

Step 3

Select the program you use most commonly. Once you have determined that your favorite program does not yet have an icon on your taskbar, you can easily create one there. First start by selecting the program you use most commonly from your program menu. From your list of programs or even from your desktop, click and hold on the program you want to create an icon for.

Step 4

Move the program icon to your taskbar. While you're holding down your mouse button, drag the program to your quick launch section. It will show a black circle with a line through it until you are successfully over a spot where an icon can be inserted. Once the black circle goes away and you're at the right spot on your taskbar, let go of your mouse button. This will drop the program into your quick launch area, inserting a new icon into your taskbar.


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