How To Install a Windows Update for a DVD Decoder

The DVD decoder is an application plugin that is usually applied to a media player. This plugin allows a particular media player to be able to play DVD discs inserted into the computer’s DVDROM drive. Normally, if you are running Windows on your computer, you will probably use Windows Media Player as your primary movie or film viewer. Although Windows Media Player is already designed to play DVD discs right off the bat, problems and incompatibility issues with the DVDROM or DVD disc may occur. One option is to use another kind of media player but, if you prefer the easy user interface of Windows Media Player, then you can probably solve the problem by updating the player itself by downloading the latest version of the DVD decoder plugin. Here are the steps on how to use Windows Update to install the DVD decoder for Windows Media Player.

  • Do it through Windows Update. The great thing about Windows is that Microsoft provides continuous support for the operating system by automated online updating. For instance, if you are using the latest Windows operating system, Windows 7, you will notice that Windows Update will run automatically. It will even alert you through a small icon at the bottom right corner if any updates are available. The updates will include the critical updates for the operating system as well as updates for other Microsoft applications like Windows Media Player. You can check all the available updates regarding the media player and download and install it. It does it automatically provided that you approve of the function.
  • Download from the website. Another way to get the DVD decoder plugin you need will be to download it directly from Microsoft’s website. Check out this link,, as this will provide you the plugin you need. Click on the plugin and wait for your browser to download it. Once it downloads, click on the application file to install it into your computer. As the installation progresses, it will automatically update Windows Media Player. After the installation, you can now use the plugin.
  • Download using the updating system of Windows Media Player. Another way to get the plugin would be to open up Windows Media Player and check for current updates. To do this, right-click on the window and select “classic menus”. This will revert the player to the classic view where menus will be displayed at the top. Click on the “Help” menu at the top and choose “check for updates”. At this point, Windows Media Player will automatically check the website for updates and display a list of available updates and plugins. From the list, select any plugin or update pertaining to DVD decoder or the ability to run and play DVD discs. Wait for the update to download and install.

In some cases, as the installation of the new plugin or application completes, the system will prompt you to either restart Windows Media Player or reboot the computer altogether. Whatever is the case, do it. As soon as you boot right back up, you will be able to use the decoder by running Windows Media Player and playing the disc inside your DVDROM.


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