How To Install CutePDF Writer

PDF is a popular file format used in the academy, businesses, and other large-scale organizations. PDF stands for Portable Document Format. It can be displayed using different reader forms. The smart finish that its layout yields is ideal for professional use, such as email integration, printing, and website embedding. Designed as a tool to write documents in the said format, CutePDF is free, downloadable software for Windows operating systems, the XP, Vista, and Windows 7. This download comes with The Free GPL Ghostscript. Here is how to have them.

  • Go to the download page. Check out The page will show a link that says “Free Download (3.36 MB)”.  Click the link. A tiny window pops up on the screen asking you whether you want to run or save a file. Choose “Save”. Your download should follow immediately. After saving the file, proceed to the next step if you are using a faster connection than dial-up. Direct installation after download is required of dial-up users.
  • Download the supporting software. This step should not be missed. The writer will not work without the converter. In the box where you saw the download link for the freeware, there is another link that says, “Learn more”. Click the arrow to get to the CutePDF Writer page. Look under Installation Requirements. The statement “You can get the free GPL Ghostscript 8.15 here” is found under that heading. Click the link to download the Ghostscript, which is necessary for the writer to work.
  • Save the converter file. Save it in any folder you prefer. Shut down any currently working browser before running the installers.
  • Start installing the writer. Open the CutePDF file. The software’s setup window will display the following buttons or options, which you should hit or tick: “Next” and “I agree”.
  • Wait for setup to finish. After the installation process finishes successfully, it will open another option that will ask you to download the Ghostscript. You do not have to redo this, so decline the offer and close the box. Your browser then opens with a Read Me text. Take the time to read through the page or to print it out.
  • Install the converter. The Ghostscript file has a big black G symbol. Open the file and run the installation. A zipped file will automatically extract content. Once extraction completes, choose “Setup” from among the items in the window. Run the installer until it closes. That means the writer and converter have been successfully installed in your computer. You can use the software to turn any item in any Windows program to PDF.

There you have it! It is simple to install a writer that will turn the quality of your files up a notch. Your connection and computer memory are the only two factors that can impede or permit your download and installation. If you really want to get hold of high-quality software that can make your files look professional, then you have to make space for the CutePDF freeware. The writer will install itself as a printer in your system. It will then work with any of your programs registered as part of Microsoft Windows.


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