How To Install HP PC Health Check

Like most people, you use a personal computer. Whether it’s for personal or occupational reasons, you need it in your life. Now, you may be using a Hewlett-Packard (HP) brand like a lot of computer fanatics do. One thing that you need to know about HP is that new software has been designed to aid you in your everyday computer use. This is called the HP PC Health Check. What it does is make a sweep of your computer and detect problems. Such issues that may arise include: compatibility with program issues, a program not running smoothly and other problems that may arise. The program detects the problems, sends an error report to HP, and after some time a solution will be sent to you. Here is how you can download the program.

  • Online. As simple as it may sound, you have to be online. Your computer cannot download programs if it is offline. If you are online, make sure you have a steady connection to the internet. Sometimes when a user is using a wireless connection, the signal gets interrupted while downloading the program and it results in a corrupted file.
  • Website. Go to the website and download the installation pack. You will be guided as you are downloading the program such as the destination of the file and the installation progress. You can download the PC Health Check from HP PC Health and the other is in the HP website.  
  • Download. When you have accessed the website, proceed to the HP help and support download tab and enter. Now go to the Hp Active Support library and proceed by clicking download. Your computer will prompt you a message that says you are downloading a file and will ask you whether to save or cancel. Click on save and then choose the destination. The common destination for a program like this is under “Program Files”. Wait for the download to finish.
  • Installation. After you have finished downloading the file, proceed to its destination folder. It will probably be in a .zip file or in a .rar file. Either way, the only thing you have to do is double-click the icon, and the installation will begin. The installation wizard will open and all you have to do is click on “next”. Read the agreement license and click on “I accept the terms in the license agreement” and a next button will appear. Click on it and then you’re good to go.

As a tip, even if HP and its programs are user-friendly, it would be wise to read the license agreement. The agreement informs you of your restrictions and what the program can and cannot do. By clicking accept, you place yourself in a situation where you must abide by the rules and agreements of using the program. Now, if you have finished installing the PC Health Check, go to its destination folder and double-click the icon for it to run. It will assist you in detecting the major and minor issues in your computer. Enjoy!


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