How To Install InDesign CS2

A lot of computer users are familiar with Adobe programs. Programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat have been a set of widely used programs throughout the world. One program from Adobe, which is still used to this day, is Indesign CS2. By means of relevance, Indesign CS2 is as outdated as they come. However, due to its usefulness, a lot of avid users still have this program in their hard drive. The program is mostly used for creating drafts and layouts for print materials such as magazines, books and small advertisements. If you do not have this program and you want it installed in your computer, here’s what you need to do:

  • The software. You will need to have the InDesign CS2 installer CD to start with. Since the software is relatively old, it is rarely sold in stores anymore. If you have a hard time finding one near your area, you can always browse online to find people selling their old software. You just might come across one selling InDesign CS2. Another option is to trade with people that you know.
  • Installation. Having the installer, insert it in your CD/DVD drive and wait for it to run. When the window for installation appears, click the “next” button. It will prompt you to choose your desired language. Pick your language of choice then proceed with “next”. After that, you will be asked to read through the license agreement. Read the entire thing or skip through, your choice. Proceed to the next window by clicking “I have read and accept the license agreement”.
  • Data entry. The next part would entail you having to give your data in the blank spaces in the information sheet. Give your name and the company you represent. If there is none, just leave it blank. You would also need to input the serial number that the installer came with. This is usually found in front of the CD case or the manual in the box it came with. View the entire information then proceed by clicking “yes”. The process will now begin. You will now be asked which type of installation process to choose. If you want the basic installer package, click “Typical” and it will install all the programs the CD came with. If there are parts of the software you do not need, click “Custom” instead of “Typical” and you will have the ability to choose which ones you want and which to leave out. Click “next” to proceed.
  • Completion. When the entire installation process completes, there will be a toggle with the message “Adobe InDesign CS2 has been installed”. Click “Ok” to finish and then you can start using the program.

As mentioned, Indesign CS2 is really difficult to find as it is already phased out. If you do not desire to go through lengths to get one, you can always opt for the updated version which is the CS4. However, if you are really adamant in getting your hands on the CS2 version, then you would have no problem in following the tips given to you. Good luck!


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