How To Install Java Icedtea

Icedtea, a software development project launched by Red Hat, is based on Sun’s open-source project, the OpenJDK. It is generally a project that adds certain missing pieces in the open-source build of Java runtime—as Java is not completely open-source and ismissing many features—and is usable without any need for software that you need to pay for, making it the first real free open-source project for Java runtime. With such an important feature, it is no surprise that most Java users who need its open-source project instead go straight to downloading Icedtea, as like what was stated above, it is the only real free open-source project that has all of Java’s features, including a Java web browser plug-in, in 64bit. Even those who are simply curious in this source package can download it and possibly learn how to use it through the use of tutorials found in the Internet or by testing and learning it themselves as, after all, this project is free.

This article will guide you as you go about installing Jave Icedtea to your Linux (with an Ubuntu operating system) via a step by step process. Simply make sure that you have the Icedtea 1.7.0 runtime source file (this is a package type file), which you can download from the Internet, before you continue:

  • The first thing you should do is to open ‘Applications’ from Ubuntu’s desktop. Once you have done that, ready the command prompt by clicking ‘Accessories’ (which can be called ‘System Tools’ in other Linux computers) from the list and then clicking on ‘Terminal’.
  • Use the window that appears to successfully navigate to the directory where you downloaded the Icedtea 1.7.0 package by making use of the ‘cd’ command. An example would be, if you downloaded the source code package into the ‘Downloads’ folder, then type ‘cd downloads’ in the terminal window and hit ‘enter’ to go straight there.
  • Next is to decompress the source code you had downloaded. You can do so by using the command prompt window once again, punching in ‘tar –zxvf icedtea-1.7.tar.gz’ into it, and pressing ‘Enter’ once finished. You can then start compiling it by typing ‘./configure’ on the terminal again and pressing ‘Enter’. Finally, finish compiling it by typing ‘make’ on the command prompt, and pressing ‘Enter’ once again.
  • You’re not finished with the terminal yet however. You can now install the program by placing this line in the prompt: ‘sudo make install’. Afterwards, press the ‘Enter’ button to finalize the initial installation process.
  • Finally, you should be prompted to enter the password you had provided for administrator use on Ubuntu. Do this, and press ‘Enter’ so that Icedtea is given permission to be installed on your computer. The installation process should not take long, and after this is finished, restart your computer to make sure that everything boots up properly, and check to see if Icedtea has been properly installed in your computer.

Having properly followed and finished the steps this article has listed, you should now have the Icedtea 1.7.0 package installed into your Linux. If any problems arise, try to uninstall the program, and follow the steps again from the beginning.


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