How To Install Linux OS

A lot of desktop users like to run the Windows and Linux OS on their PC. This could be done by using another hard drive for Linux or partitioning of an existing drive. The easiest and preferred multi-boot configuration is to use an entirely separate drive for Linux so that the original Windows drive will remain intact. For those creating a server, Linux may also be the only available operating system. Linux refers to the Unix-like computer operating system based on the Linux kernel. It is free and open source software and known for its use in servers.

Most computers come with an operating system already installed. It handles the operations running on the computer. A free software operating system based on Linux was created and it was named Ubuntu.  It offers all services needed by ISPs, mail servers, DNS servers, FTP servers, MySQL servers, POP3/POP3s/IMAP/IMAPs, Quota, and Firewalls. Red hat, Apache and Ubuntu are Linux software distributors. Ubuntu is widely used because it is free and you don’t have to pay any licensing fee. Updates are also available for free and accessible online.

To install Ubuntu Linux software you can use the program "Wubi."

  1. The first thing to do is to download Wubi to your desktop and then run the executable program.
  2. Then choose the drive in your computer where you want your installation to go. Wubi will place a file on your local drive. It will use this drive as a virtual hard drive. Most often the C drive is used for this purpose.
  3. Choose a bigger installation size to allow installation of other programs and storage of data.
  4. Choose your language.
  5. Type in your username and then your password for security reasons and for your installation to proceed. You will use this for logging on to your computer, installing programs and making changes to the system.
  6. Once you click “Install” Wubi will start to download the installation files.
  7. When the installation files have completely been downloaded, you have to reboot. Restart your computer. You'll see on your screen a prompt that asks you to select the operating system that you like—whether you like to boot Ubuntu or Windows. Choose Ubuntu. This will complete the installation of your Ubuntu Linux OS.

Another way of installing the Ubuntu Linux software is by using:

  • An Ubuntu CD installer
  • An Internet connection

Everything you need to install Linux comes in one CD that provides a complete working environment. You can get the additional software you will need online for your installation. The available graphical installer makes installation easy and quick. Your computer will have Internet, drawing and graphics applications, and games after Linux has been installed.

Now your computer is ready to work to the max. You’ll have it functioning the way you want it and enjoy its features as well. Working on a computer is as much fun as it is functional. You can now browse for information you need, play a variety of games and even listen to your favorite music and watch some videos.


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