How To Install Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is undeniably the most famous database software application in the world today primarily because of its flexibility in functions and its provision of widespread applications and availability to its users. It is a relational database system management that synergizes the Microsoft Jet Database Engine along with a graphical user interface and tools for software development. It can be used by non-programmer power users to create a basic program or applications. It can support little object-oriented technique but it does not entirely support the object-oriented development tools. It is probably the most famous Windows desktop application for data management, which is directed to the information worker class.

This article presents a tutorial on installing Microsoft Access as it will tackle the process in the most direct manner.

Here are the instructions for installation.

  1. First, know the system requirements for Access. Verify if your computer's system fits with the basic requirements of the program. Usually, you will need 500 MHz at a minimum for the processor, and at least 256 MB for the RAM. A free hard disk space of 2GB is also needed for you to be able to install Access successfully.
  2. Next step is to make sure that your operating system is updated. To run Access 2007, you got to have at least Windows XP SP2 or a later version. Prior to the installment of Microsoft Access, make sure that you apply pertinent security settings and updates to your system. To do so, check out
  3. Now you are good to go. If you are ready, put the Microsoft Office CD into the CD-ROM drive. Its installation will initialize automatically. It will then show a popup that asks you to wait for the Installation Wizard to open.
  4. A prompt will then appear at your screen panel. Your job is to enter the product key and the referral code which you can acquire from the installation CD.
  5. Now, you have two options. One is to install all the Microsoft Office suite (which consists of Excel, Word, Publisher, Frontpage, Outlook, Powerpoint, Access etc.) or just install Microsoft Access, the only software you need. To be able to install Access, when the next screen pops up on your computer, choose the option "Install Now". However, if you still want to customize settings of your installation, then you can choose the "Customize" button by clicking it instead.
  6. The computer will now start installing the Microsoft Access software. After waiting for the computer to completely install Microsoft Access, you will be prompted by your computer for a restart and what is left for you to do is to click the system restart button.
  7. Now, wait for your computer to perform a restart. When it does, the primary thing you should do is to visit the Microsoft Office Updates website. You will need your broadband Internet as you can find these at You will be able to download all the necessary security patches, which you can use for Access. By downloading, you will gain more control of your computer. This is a very important part of the process.

When you have downloaded all you need and the installation is complete, you are now ready to work on making databases and doing your stuff in Microsoft Access.


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