How To Install Mouse Drivers

If you purchased your mouse with your computer, you will not need to install anything as most sellers will install the mouse in such a way that it is ready to use. However, if you just purchased a new mouse to replace your stock unit, then there are chances that it won't work the same way. Try plugging in your newly purchased mouse to check the compatibility.

If you are currently considering buying a new mouse, you may want to opt on purchasing the same brand as they are mostly compatible with each other, thus you no longer need to install a new driver.

If you already purchased a new mouse, try plugging it and see if it works. If it does, then consider yourself lucky. If not, don't worry; installing mouse drivers is relatively easy.

There are various scenarios that you may encounter in mouse drivers installation. Depending on your current operating system, steps may vary. Be sure to check if your mouse’s operating system requirements match your current settings.

Check out the driver disk that is included in the mouse package. Follow the steps below:

  • Re-start your computer. To re-start your computer, click on "Start" icon at the lower left portion of your screen. Do the same steps as you shut down your computer, but choose the "restart" option instead of the "Shut-down" option.
  • Once your computer turns on, insert the mouse driver disk on your CD drive. Your computer will prompt you for instructions. You will be prompted to with either an "add new hardware" alert or a "new hardware found" alert. Click "ok" from the box.
  • You will then be asked to locate the drive wherein you inserted the installer disk. Simply select the drive and click "next" to start with the process of installation.
  • Plug your new mouse and see if it works. If the installation is not successful, then you will need to do a manual installation.
  • Click on "My Computer" and choose the drive wherein you inserted the installer disk. Search for the executable file or the .exe file and double click. You will be prompted for a manual installation.

In some cases, installer disks do not come with the mouse. If this is the case, then check on the installer drives in the manufacturer’s website. Installer drives are normally downloadable via manufacturer’s website. If they are not available, then send e-mail to customer support of the manufacturer.

Depending on models and makers, a mouse can be quite expensive and complicated to un-install and install. Make sure that you take care of your mouse to avoid constant replacing. Proper maintenance such as cleaning the trackball would help prolong the life of your mouse. Check out the maintenance tips that are written on the mouse’s user guide. Also, follow the manufacturer’s guide on the use of mouse pads. Some mouse would work perfectly fine without a mouse pad, while for some types; failure to use a mouse pad will shorten the life of your unit.


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