How To Install the Software Program for a Canon IP 1600 Printer

The Canon IP 1600 printer is a colored inkjet printer that uses the Canon full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering (FINE) technology. With this technology, its ink nozzles can effectively control ink droplets resulting to detailed photo printouts. If you already have a Canon IP 1600 printer, or are planning to buy one, read the following steps below for installing its software program:

  • Prepare the Canon IP 1600 printer for software program installation. Put it on a flat surface near your computer and remove the tapes on the printer. Open the printer’s front cover and remove the protective material inside the printer. Don’t turn it on yet.
  • Read the manual that came with the Canon IP 1600 printer. This will guide you throughout the whole process of installing your printer’s software program. If you lost the manual, you can either download it online or look for the onscreen manual in the printer’s CD.
  • Open your computer and insert the CD that came with the Canon IP 1600 printer inside your optical drive. Most of the times the installation setup will run automatically but if it doesn’t, locate the setup file in the CD. To do this, click on “My Computer” and double click on the optical drive. Search for “setup.exe” and click on it.
  • Select the “Easy Install” option on the installation setup window. Choosing this will store the onscreen manual, application software, and printer driver in your computer. You may opt to choose “Custom Install” if you only want certain items to be included in the installation. Just make sure that you include the printer driver in the items that you’re going to install, otherwise your printer will not work. You can also find the installation instruction of Canon’s PhotoRecord under the “Custom Install” option.
  • Canon will list all of the items that you’ve chosen to install. Check the list to verify the items. If you’re not sure what a particular item is, place your cursor on the item and its description will show. After inspecting all of the items, click on “Install.” Read the terms of agreement and click on the “Yes” button to accept.
  • When the Printer Connection window appears, connect the Canon IP 1600 printer to your computer using the USB cable provided. Turn on the printer. The printer driver would automatically be installed once your computer  recognizes the printer. Click on “Next” when the “Printer Head Alignment Recommended” window appears. Click on “Exit.”

If you lost the CD that came with your Canon IP 1600 printer, download the printer driver from Canon’s website. While downloading, you may also want to browse the website for news, updates, and promotions.

Check the print quality of the printer by doing a test print. Read the manual of your printer to know how to do this. If the result of your print is unsatisfactory, you may need to align your print head. If this doesn’t help, research the problem online first. Contact Canon’s customer support if the problem still persists.


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