How To Install TomTom ONE XL

TomTom One XL is a driver’s navigation assistant. It loads maps, makes verbal directions, and offers other GPS features. It can work as a handheld device or can be mounted on the car. To fully maximize its functions, you have to install the TomTom One XL software in your computer. Installation is a pretty simple task. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Ready the CD-Rom. Your TomTom One XL unit has a CD-Rom that you have to use for the installation. Pick it out from your product package and insert it in the CD drive. The installation wizard will show up after a few seconds.
  • Accept the License Agreement. Read through the License Agreement. This will detail your responsibilities as a user and what TomTom, the manufacturer, expects of you. After reading the License Agreement, click on the Accept option.
  • Follow the instructions. The CD-Rom will walk you through the installation process. You simply need to follow the instructions, and the screen prompts will lead you through all the installation stages. You will also have to choose whether you are going to install only some of the components or make full installation.
  • Complete the installation. Wait for a few minutes for the installation procedure to finish. You can monitor the progress of the installation by checking the status bar. When done with the installation, restart your computer.
  • Try the unit. Switch the unit on. You will have to choose and save the settings for the unit such as your preferred language, instruction voice (male or female), accent, and local time. After saving the settings, turn off your unit.
  • Synchronize TomTom One XL with your PC. Using the provided USB cable, connect the unit to the computer and switch it on. Then on your computer, click on the TomTom One XL icon. This should launch the software. You will be asked if you prefer to synch the unit. Click on the Yes option and follow the instructions. When TomTom One XL is finally synched, turn it off and disconnect from your computer.
  • Install the unit on the car. Now that your unit is ready for use, you can now decide whether to mount it on your vehicle or leave it as a handheld device. If you wish to mount it, choose a place where you can have a nice view of the unit. You can mount it either on the dashboard or windshield. Whichever you choose, make sure to thoroughly clean the spot with an appropriate cleaner. Then, attach the mounting disc on the area of your choice by pressing the mounting disc’s adhesive side on the surface. Next, connect the mounting arm to your TomTom One XL. Using the suction cup, attach the mounting arm to the mounting disc. Connect the unit to the car using your cigarette lighter adapter.

Make sure to consult the owner’s manual when installing the software in your computer or mounting TomTom One XL on the car. The owner’s manual will provide you with detailed instructions and will address any installation and mounting problems.


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