How To Install TrueType Fonts on a Windows Computer

TrueType fonts are the most commonly used fonts among computer users. TrueType fonts do not need any supporting software applications for them to be installed in a computer unlike other proprietary font designs such as PostScript fonts. Aside from that, TrueType fonts are also supported in all of the Windows-based operating systems so installing them should be easy and hassle free.

  1. Find your choice of TrueType fonts. Many sources on the World Wide Web offer free download of various styles of TrueType fonts. Simply look for your choice of design and download it onto your personal computer. It would be advisable to download the file onto the desktop so that you get to find it easily for the installation process later.
  2. Practice computer safety measures before you proceed to install TrueType fonts. Make sure that you check the downloaded file for computer viruses. Also, TrueType fonts should have the file extension .ttf. If you get to download one that does not have the said file extension name, then it may well be a computer virus. Delete it from your personal computer as soon as possible to avoid infecting your PC with the virus.
  3. Install TrueType fonts by following these simple steps. On your desktop, click on the Start button and locate Control Panel among the choices. Point your mouse pointer to Control Panel and click on it afterwards. You should now be looking at the Control Panel window. Locate the yellow folder that is labeled Fonts and open it by double clicking on the icon. Now, you should have already been directed to the Fonts window. On the tabs displayed on top of the Fonts window, look for File and click on it. A dropdown menu should pop up after which you will need to click on the Install New Font option once. Clicking it will result in the Add Fonts dialog box to pop up. Look for the fonts that you have previously saved in the desktop earlier, highlight these fonts and click on OK and Close respectively. Doing so should make the recently installed TrueType fonts available to all of the tools and applications of your Windows-run personal computer.

If you will be downloading TrueType fonts heavily, then it might be a good idea to have your personal computer equipped with an unzipping tool such as Winzip. This tool is capable of not only compressing data into smaller file sizes, but can also unzip or uncompress large files such as memory-heavy TrueType fonts that you download from the World Wide Web.


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