How To Install Virtual CD/DVD Driver with Free PC Software

A virtual CD/DVD drive copies the functions of a physical drive, only without the real physical drive. Having this is very helpful for opening certain files that only this kind of drive can open. Even creating files that only CD/DVD burners can do is possible with virtual drive with writing capability.

Try to use this virtual drive and discover more of its benefits. Besides, you don't have to buy special software of device to do that. There are free software applications for PC that can help you install and use virtual CD/DVD drive.

  • Install a free virtual CD/DVD emulation software. There are many names to choose from and below are some of your options:
  • DAEMON Tools. This emulator allows mounting of ISO images into the virtual drive. It can emulate protection copies as well, and thus, can play ISO, BIN, UDF, DVD, and CCD files.
  • Virtual Clone Drive. This also allows mounting of ISO from the hard disk to the virtual drive. It can support up to eight virtual drives and is easy to use.
  • Alcohol 52% Free Edition. If you are familiar with the Alcohol 120%, then this is its free edition. The only catch is that it has no burning engine. Still, this software can make image files. It can mount images onto six virtual drives all at the same time. This emulator supports DVD+RW, DVD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RAM, CD-RW, CD-R, DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, Photo CD, Video CD, and a lot more.
  • MagicDisk. This software can be used for mounting CD/DVD images without the burning process. This is a good way to play software programs, music, and games. It supports many files, too, like CIF, BIN, ISO, NRG, VCD, and C2D.
Whatever you choose, make sure that you properly install the software so you can have your virtual CD/DVD drive working without problems.

  • Checking the toolbar. After installing the software, you should see a new icon in the Windows toolbar. Right click on this icon and the Option window will appear. Choose "virtual CD/DVD ROM."
Another window will appear. Here, you will notice a drive named "Device 0:" and its option window will appear. Look for the option "mount image" from this window. Click on that and it will ask for the image file that you want to open or run. The file should run if the software that you have selected supports it.

  • Use your new virtual CD/DVD driver. One of the benefits of using a virtual drive is that you can run files and programs faster using the image files. For instance, virtual games can be played faster using the free software and in the virtual drive.

Again, it's best that you try to use your virtual drive more often to familiarize with its benefits. Although beneficial, using virtual drive still cannot entirely replace the full function of a physical drive. But nevertheless, using a virtual drive is beneficial in one way or another.

Not only CD/DVD drive can have its virtual version, though. Try installing new hard disk, floppy drive, key drive, tape drive, and even RAM disk, virtually, and see the difference.


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