How To Install Windows 95 Program to XP

There are several old Windows-supported programs that you can still run using Windows XP. This can be done using the Program Compatibility feature of Windows XP. In this feature, you can install and use a program for an older operating system, such as Windows 95, and run it in the same way it is run in the older operating system. If you are interested how to make use of Program Compatibility, continue reading.

  • Install the program. Use the CD-Rom to install the program in your computer. When you put the CD-Rom in the drive, the installer will be automatically launched and will guide you through the process. Follow the instructions. When done with the installation, restart your computer.
  • Access the Program Compatibility Wizard. You will now have to make the Windows 95-supported program compatible with Windows XP. One way to do this is by opening the Program Compatibility Wizard. Click Start. Then on the right pane of the Start menu, choose Help and Support. Select “Fixing a problem.” You can find this option in the “Pick a Help topic” section. Then, choose “Application and software problems.” On the “Fix a problem” category, select “Getting older programs to run on Windows XP.” The window will present you with detailed instructions. Now, click “Program Compatibility Wizard,” which is in a hyperlink format.
  • Go through the Program Compatibility Wizard. Start by locating the program. You can use the CD-Rom, choose from a list of programs, or type the shortcut of the program in the given field. Click Next. Then, choose Microsoft Windows 95 as the compatibility mode. Click Next. Select any or all of the settings: 256 colors, 640x480 screen resolution, and disable visual themes. Choose whatever is applicable to the program. Microsoft especially recommends using the settings if the program is a game application or educational software. Now, click Next. The wizard will summarize the program and compatibility mode. Click Next to make a quick test on the program’s settings. If the program works, you are done. Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.
  • Install program updates. If the program does not work, you may need to get updates for the program itself or the drive. This should be done via Internet. Go to the official website of the program’s manufacturer and find out if there are available updates for the program. You can also access Windows Updates. On the Help and Support window, choose Windows Updates in the “Pick a task” section. You will then be connected to the official site of the Windows Updates.

There is another way of the setting up the program’s compatibility with Windows XP. This one is done manually. Right-click the icon of the program on the Start menu or on the desktop. Choose Properties. On the Properties box, select the Compatibility tab. Check the box next to “Run this program in compatibility mode for.” Then on the drop-down list, choose Windows 95. Select display settings if necessary. Finally, click OK. Remember, however, that this option is only for programs already installed in your computer.


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