How To Integrate Windows Live Web Toolbar into Your Site

Windows Live Web Toolbar is a successor of the MSN Toolbar. The advanced design of this toolbar helps to augment the existing features of Microsoft’s Windows Live. It has features that allow simultaneous tasks. For instance, its Desktop Search (browser toolbar) can perform programs while indexing some files. Desktop Search can also sort emails while running other programs. It also includes a modern search tab. The toolbar’s search tab provides suggestions while the user is typing some keywords.

Windows Live Toolbar is a really helpful software. The toolbar makes the search easier and faster for the user. Aside from that, its search engine can check on articles, emails, and images, just by using one search keyword. Here are the ways on how to include it in your web site.

  1. Visit the Windows Azure portal. Access to this site is easy to gain. You just need to register by completing a form. Make sure that you provide pertinent data. It will only take a few minutes to process your registration. Wait for your application ID and do not forget to get your secret key. The provided key will help you enable the find toolbar.
  2. View your account. You can do this by signing in. Your account will show you a variety of projects. Look at the left pane, choose the “new project” tab, and then press “ok” for this key. As you press the button, four different kinds of projects will appear.
  3. Program a project. With the project list on your screen, choose one that you want to program. Since your goal is to integrate a Windows Web Toolbar, you have to choose “live services” in the list. This tab will help you generate an application registration for Windows Live applications.
  4. Start the project. Think of a name or a title for your project. A brief description of your project is also required. The site will also ask for a legitimate domain. Your domain will be the target running location of the program. Make sure that you input correct details for your domain.
  5. Get ready with a return URL. The return URL will serve as a home for your application. It is where the application will proceed after the login process. After typing your URL, choose the “create” tab. Your registration form is now complete.
  6. Check your details. You will be obtaining your ID and key on the last Azure screen. You should also confirm the domain that you have entered. Checking of return URL is necessary.
  7. Integrate the Web Toolbar. Use Visual Studio to make a web site. You can do this once you are done with your application. In order that your website will work properly, you need to obtain both a “privacy.htm” and a “channel.htm”. You can obtain a copy of these files and other software like toolbar remover in free download sites.

Windows Web Toolbar is easy to include in a site. All you need to do is to follow the listed instructions. By including this toolbar in your site, you will enjoy a simpler browsing experience with web explorer. The toolbar also gives you the freedom and the tools to customize your site. Windows Toolbar features increased protection level from web virus so you do not need to worry. Start now and make your site more useful and creative with the use of a Windows Live Web Toolbar!


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