How To Keep up with Current Events

There are two kinds of current events, those in your area and those in the nation. You can't keep up with current events in every town, state or region. However, if anything out of the ordinary occurs in another town, state or region, keeping up with national news will keep you informed. Here's how to stay informed with the news.

Most people assume that if they catch the national news at 6:00p.m. on the three main non-cable television stations, ABC, CBS or NBC, that they will have stayed abreast of current events. For all intents and purposes all they are keeping up with is breaking news. To keep up with current events on the national or international level, you need to read magazines like Newsweek, and you need to read a daily newspaper. There is no conceivable way that you can expect 30 minutes of air time on major channels interspersed with 12 minutes of commercials to keep you up with national and international current events.

Along with your evening news, magazines, newspaper, you should also listen in to radio news broadcasts. Getting news on the radio is very different from getting news on the television. Radio news is more specific and less distracting. Along with these media avenues to current events, you can use the Internet to get a concise current events Web page like Yahoo. You might also keep up with your own special interest by following one of their Web sites like an eRadio Web site that keeps you up with current events involving your favorite musicians.

Keeping up with national and international current events is not as time consuming as it sounds. If you make a habit of taking an hour out of each day to follow stories being covered, you can feel comfortable that you have some idea of what is happening in your world.

Of course, what is really of more importance to you is your personal world. Your community and your neighboring communities have current events that you should know about. Most of the main events are covered by local television news. If you tune in to an AM radio channel that covers your community, you will be better informed than just catching the evening local and national news. Another way of keeping up with current events in your hometown is to attend City Council meetings. Your awareness of projects and situations and concerns that involve you personally will be increased. If you can't make it to a City Council meeting or to a local School Board Meeting, you can ask them to put you on their mailing list for information letters based on what was discussed at those meetings.

Keeping up with current events is not as challenging as it sounds. It just takes an interest in the events of people around you and knowing what is happening can make your private life less challenging.


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