How To Keep Words Together Using a Nonbreaking Space

With computers gaining popularity everywhere, typewriters have now become an obsolete means of preparing typewritten documents. Currently the most common operating system is Windows, owned by celebrated tycoon Bill Gates. Windows produced the highly popular and useful Microsoft Office series which contains just about everything you will need to manage different types of data for different occasions – Microsoft Office Word for written documents, Microsoft Office PowerPoint for slide shows, Microsoft Office Excel for tabulated and calculated documents, Microsoft Office Publisher for brochures and poster layout needs.

Microsoft Office Word is a licensed computer program that is used extensively by students for homework, secretaries and clerks for letters and other files, and practically by all professions known to mankind. It has revolutionized the technology for preparing all sorts of typewritten documents basically due to its user-friendly interface and lots of added functions such as a mechanism that checks the spelling incorporated into it, a built-in dictionary and thesaurus, and simple but very helpful functions such as copying and pasting texts. However, it takes some expertise and insider tricks to figure out how to use Microsoft Word Program more efficiently and maximally, taking advantage of all its features.

One of the most common and tricky situation is how to keep compound words such as a person’s full name or date together on the same line in a document. Ideally, the full name of the person should be located on one line. For example, the name John Smith might appear separately, with John in the first line and Smith in the second line.

Before proceeding, make sure you have a desktop or laptop computer, with Windows as operating system and Microsoft Word program properly installed into it. Here are a few ways to keep compound words together:

  • Install Microsoft Office (Optional). Go to the nearest store selling licensed Microsoft products and purchase a Microsoft Office installer. Remember to buy original always! Microsoft Office program ideally includes Microsoft Office Word. After installing Microsoft Office Word, open the word program and begin typing or retyping your desired document.
  • Join the Names. Delete the space in between “John” and “Smith.” You can do this by hitting backspace button while the cursor is placed before the “S” in Smith. Alternatively, you can highlight the space in between “John” and “Smith” and press Delete.
  • Space names properly. Strategically place the cursor in the space in between “John” and “Smith." Then simultaneously press three keys in the keyboard to make a non-breaking space: CTRL, SHIFT and SPACEBAR. What you will get is that “John Smith” will conveniently remain in one line.

There you have it. Now, you will no longer see this awkward space in between words that should be kept together in a paragraph! Enjoy exploring the other options in Microsoft Office Word. Check out the online support system provided by Microsoft Office, or visit Internet sites that provide useful tips on using Microsoft Office Word. You will be surprised how many short cut keys there is for you to discover. In no time, you will always have the most perfect document layout.


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