How To Know Who Your Fans Are on is a social-bookmarking site. With a profile, you can bookmark websites and view your tags on any computer. adds an icon to your internet browser's toolbar, which makes tagging sites especially easy; if you are on a site that you wish to tag, simply click the icon and the site will be added to your profile. also allows you to attach a short message to your tag and send it to email addresses, or register it on your Twitter account. You can also advertise your tags on your Facebook profile. is an open network, which means that all users can view your tags. By becoming a fan, other people receive a live feed of what you are bookmarking; whether for collaboration at work or school, or for pure enjoyment. If you are curious who is following you on, you can easily find out who your fans are. In the internet age, it is important to know exactly who is finding out information on you. To figure out your fans, follow the directions below.

Step One: Go to the home page and log into your account.

Step Two: Click the Your Network link, which you will find at the top of your page.

Step Three: Look at the Your Fans area; if someone has added you to their network, it will show up in this area.

If you click on a user, you can see their profile and decide whether or not you know them, or want them to have access to your profile. If you are worried about your security, you can mark tags as private - which means that you are the only user who can view the website in association with your profile. You can also return to previous tags and delete or edit them. If you are still worried about security, you can hide your profile from the main network. To do this, go to the Settings link, or click on the options found on your Networks page.

By using your inbox, you can send private tags or emails to specific users; this is helpful if you stumble across a website which has information specific to one of your friends or colleagues on If necessary, you can delete your profile by signing in, going to your Account Settings, and clicking the Delete Account link. To remove the icon from your browser's toolbar, you simply need to visit the 'Add or Remove Programs' button if you use Internet Explorer, or the Tools section if you use Firefox. You can also use without installing the icon in the toolbar by visiting directly, or by clicking the 'Save a new Bookmark' option, which is available on most computers.


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