How To Label Your Digital Images in PhotoShop

Photoshop is a powerful photo-editing tool that enables you to correct, adjust and even manipulate images. One simple use for Photoshop is labeling your images, using a few simple steps.

Here are the steps for labeling your digital images in Photoshop:

Open an image. Choose the images you want to label.

  • Click on the text button. Look for the function table on the left and click the "T" button. If you hold the left mouse button over the "T", you can select different text functions. For now, select the default horizontal text. A text layer will appear on the layers window.
  • Select the text settings. A text menu will appear on the top of the image screen. You can choose the font, font size, orientation and other settings.
  • Click on part on the image where you want the label to appear. The cursor will appear. Start typing the label. After typing, click on the arrow button on the menu.
  • Adjust your label. Use the arrow keys for fine adjustment or just drag the label to the place where you want it.
  • Flatten the layers. As long as your file has several layers, it can only be saved as a .psd file. Hold the "Ctrl" key and press "L". Once you flattened all the layers, you can save the file in the jpeg format so you post it online.

You may also add additional information on the file itself instead of on the image. This information is called Metadata and can be useful to those viewing the image. Furthermore, it doesn’t obstruct the image itself, and will be passed along when the file is transferred or copied.

  • Choose FILE INFO under the FILE menu. Do this after opening an image file. You may also right-click on the blue bar on top of the image.
  • Input all the information you want. Include particular dates and description that applies to the image. Technical information such as the camera and other equipment used may be included if it us useful to other photography professionals. You can also describe the situation to which the image occurred. Go to the different tabs of the File Info in order to correctly categorize the information you are adding; this will help future readers to navigate through the data. If you want to include the same date to different image files, select the text from one image, copy it then paste on the File Info of the other images.
  • Save the image. This will store the image along with the information you included. This information can be read by right-clicking the image file, selecting PROPERTIES then choosing the appropriate tab.
  • Consider using other applications to label your digital images. Some applications are free to download off the Web and will use less memory than Photoshop. Use this option in case you are using a Internet-ready, low processing power device such as netbooks.

Labeling your images can lead people to your blog or website, provide information or declare its ownership. Take the time to label your images, or use the auto action function to label entire image folders.


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