How To Learn About Picture Codes for MySpace

MySpace, a social networking site, became very popular among English-speaking users in 2006. And although it has been outshone by its major rival, Facebook, since mid 2008, it nonetheless continues to maintain millions of users globally. One of the reasons why MySpace keeps sustaining a good following is because it allows users to customize their own homepage. Moreover, they can express their creativity when posting and sharing pictures and modifying them with special effects as they so desire.

Lately, MySpace has introduced a new technique in picture sharing by means of picture codes. Previously, users had to utilize other photo sharing hosts such as Photobucket, Flickr and Fotothing when publishing their photos for public view. Now however, MySpace has devised a way that allows the hosting of your own picture sharing from your accounts. On the other hand learning about picture codes is a must if you want to make use of this picture sharing feature at MySpace.

To learn about picture codes for MySpace, you may find the following information helpful:

  1. As soon as you upload your pictures on MySpace, the pictures are assigned two kinds of codes connected straight to the folder. The codes are usable in various ways and can be applied anywhere in the web such as blogs and other social network sites.
  2. The two varying codes assigned to the pictures are both hooked to the picture uploaded on MySpace servers. One code has a URL link that begins with with a tag that mentions the identification number and information details about the picture. This URL is particularly functional for blog posts, avatars and text links originating from new locations in the web. Meanwhile the other code is used in inserting the whole photo along with its information tags. Called an “embed”, this picture code also serves as a link back, through its generator codes, to the page where it is found and clicking it will revert you back to the site where it is originally published.
  3. Although MySpace has a built-in code for each picture uploaded unto its servers, you still have the option to disable the code if you wish. Disabling this feature, in effect, will also disable photo sharing in your site. Many users prefer this option for privacy reasons.
  4. You may picture customize also to attain unique effects. For instance, you can make your pictures black and white by uploading the photo together with its HTML code. Next, open the “edit page” and copy paste the custom codes:  <style> a:link img {filter:gray;} a:visited img {filter:gray;} a:hover img {filter:gray;} </style> in the About Me part of your profile page. You can use this MySpace picture edit codes in all browsers save for Firefox.
  5. Despite improvements in its picture sharing features, MySpace still has not developed other elements of photo sharing found in other sites. For instance, its HTML codes, size adjustment ability for the images and other cool codes have not been fully developed by its servers.

Tweaking your MySpace page can be fun especially if you are familiar with picture codes that will let you share photos directly from your account. There are varying picture codes in this site with special applications which you will eventually discover as you keep on working on your homepage. 


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