How To Learn Advanced Excel

Excel is one of the least understood programs installed in almost all computers, and is also one of the most powerful. A lot of people still think that Microsoft Excel is simply a grid where you can put in numbers and perform simple calculations. But, you can actually make various types of documents using Excel, and you can actually make complex calculations and formulas using only Microsoft Excel. If you are an office worker, knowing how to make use of Excel can help you finish your tasks quickly and effectively. Here’s how you can learn advanced techniques in Excel.

  • Upgrade. Before you even start teaching yourself, you should make sure that you have access to as computer with the Excel program installed in it, and that the version of the Excel program is updated. Like all other computer program makers, Microsoft frequently updates its programs and ads fixes to minimize bugs and errors in the program. Make sure that you regularly update the program and that you only deal with training manuals that make use of only the latest programs.
  • Training materials. Next, look for training materials that will help you learn about Microsoft Excel. There are plenty that you can find on the Internet, and most are given for free. You only need to conduct a Google search and you will be referred to many articles and websites where advanced Excel lessons can be found. There are also some books that you can find in libraries that deal with advanced Excel. The best thing about using books is that they are usually more comprehensive and will help you understand the procedures and techniques in Excel step by step. The best thing about online reading materials, however, is that they are usually the most updated.
  • Instructional videos. Reading about the program can get pretty boring. If you think that poring through books and PDFs is too difficult and dull, you should also download instructional videos that will show you how to manipulate Excel in action. The best thing about these instructional videos is that they are fully illustrated, and will give you the feeling that you are operating the program itself as you watch the videos. Some of the instructional videos are for sale, while there are also a lot of videos that are may be accessed for free.
  • Training courses. If you have the time and money, you can also enroll in computer literacy training programs. Here, you will learn not just about Microsoft Excel, but about many other Microsoft Office products such as PowerPoint, Moviemaker, etcetera. You need to make sure, however, that the course offers more than just basic information about Excel, but advanced courses as well. The last thing you want is to enroll in a class where you already know all of the lessons being taught.

Make sure that you separate some time each week for learning the advanced tricks and techniques in Excel. By spending as little as three hours each week, you can master Excel in just a couple of weeks or months.


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