How to Learn SolidWorks

Where to Look for Training

When it comes to 3D Mechanical CAD software perhaps there is none better than SolidWorks. But how exactly do you learn SolidWorks? SolidWorks gives you the proper tools you need to design your businesses products better no matter what size your business is. SolidWorks offers a variety of software from 3D CAD to Product Management and everything in between. While the software is amazing in what it can do and what it can help you accomplish, learning how to use it is no small feat so if you plan on using SolidWorks, it is important to know where to go to get the training you need to properly learn how to use it.

There are several different ways in which you too can learn more about Solidworks, and these ways include:

Step 1

Directly at the site: If you visit you will see a button on the home page titled training and support. By clicking the link you are taken to a page that will give you a huge variety of options for training. By browsing this section you can not only decide what type of training you wish to take, but you can also check the availability in your area. Some of the courses are even offered online and the further you delve into the training section the more information is revealed about what you want to accomplish. You can even see how many days it will take to complete certain courses.

Step 2

Online tutorials: You can find a good number of websites that offer online tutorials if you do a Google or Yahoo search for "learn SolidWorks." Take some time and go through the different sites that offer training and see which ones are best for you. Keep in mind though that you may not get as thorough of a review as you would if you were taking an official class through the SolidWorks website.

Step 3

E-Books: Believe it or not, in today's high tech world in which we live, there are even e-Books that can help you on your quest to learn about SolidWorks. While the information may not be as in depth as the information learned at the SolidWork's website, the price of the e-Books may suit your fancy a bit more.

Step 4

Videos: With its recent surge in popularity, an entire line of videos all dedicated to teaching you how to use SolidWorks have popped up. Some of these videos can be found in part and in whole on the popular website but if all else fails, the complete videos can always be purchased at online sites like

While getting a hold of this amazing software can be tricky, there are resources available for those who wish to master SolidWorks. While some training may be better than others, all of these resources offer a way to learn how to use SolidWorks in some capacity. Knowing where to look will help you in your quest to better educate yourself on the software and thus help your company reach its highest potential.

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