How To Legally Watch TV Shows Online for Free

Missed an episode of your favorite show last night? Is your TV not working but you still want to watch your favorite sitcom? No worries then! Many websites host a multitude of television shows online for free and with pretty good quality at that. With the amount of websites offering these shows for free, watching television without an actual TV has never been so easy! So if you want to start watching your favorite shows online just follow these simple steps bellow:

  1. Try doing a Google search for "Free Legal Online TV Shows" You will find that there are a multitude of websites that offer free, legal TV shows online. If you have no luck with Google, try one of these popular TV based websites:,, or These websites not only allow you to watch television shows for free, but sometimes movies, trailers, and more!
  2. Once you have found a website you like, click on the "TV shows" tab (or something similar) to browse for different shows or just do a simple search in the search bar for the show you wish to watch. Each website is going to vary a little bit so just use your best judgment to find the perspective tabs and search bars.
  3. Once you have found a TV show you like, make sure to close out all other browser windows, tabs, or any other applications you have running. This will ensure you have the best video streaming possible which will allow for the best quality.
  4. If you find that you have a particularly slow connection or the video is not loading very well for you, try refreshing the website. If that does not work, try closing out of the browser and then returning back to the site. As a last resort, a video accelerator program could also provide additional speed for your videos.
  5. Once you are all squared away with finding and selecting your free TV show, allow the video to load for a few moments (also known as buffering). This will make sure that there are no stutters or stops in the middle of your show. Once you have done that, hit play, sit back, and enjoy free and legal television from the comfort of your own personal computer.

Another thing to remember is that many TV channels offer their shows online via the network's websites. Some sites like this to keep in mind are,, or The best thing about it is that it is completely legal and it is completely free. Providing you have a good connection and find a good quality video, watching shows from your own computer can be just as enjoyable and sometimes better than watching them on your television!


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