How To Leverage Contacts on Ehow

If you want to leverage contacts on Ehow, there are a few things that you can do to accomplish this. Keep in mind that Ehow is one big family and contacts are friends. Friends connect, talk, share ideas, and help one another with many things. The best things to keep in mind are respect and the thought of how we all wish to be treated. Ehow is a community of men and women, from all over the world, and we are all here to learn and share with one another. Some of us write articles to earn money and some of us read articles on topics that interest us.

One way to leverage contacts on Ehow is to visit some articles and read them. Then, leave a comment, but use the keywords that the article is about in that comment. Give a good rating to the article. If you think that an article does not deserve a good rating, please do not leave one. Write a nice message to that author and let them know how you think they can improve the article and give them a chance to fix it so that they can get good ratings.

Recommend an Ehow author before you leave their articles and profile. You see, it is not only about going and reading someone’s articles and rating them. We can all have many Ehow contacts, but it is what we do with them that will count in the long run. It is difficult to go to everyone’s articles and read them, especially if you have hundreds of contacts. We all start out by answering each comment that is left on our articles and then we are unable to keep up with them. This is okay. A great way to keep up with the comments and return the favor is to watch the comments given and then go and check out those articles. Ultimately, there are thousands of topics on Ehow to read about, so we can go and read up on a topic that we have been interested in learning more about. The key part of this is that we should leave a comment and rate an article when we read it.

Another way to leverage contacts on Ehow is to go and invite people to be your Ehow friend. Then, you can leave each other notes and share ideas on what articles there are, or other great ideas. If someone declines the invite, this is okay, too. We all have the right to choose who we want to be friends with. There are some that we will not be friends with, which is discussed in the next section.

A great way not to leverage contacts on Ehow is if you leave spam on articles. Spam is against Ehow rules, and it is quite annoying. This is a community of “How to Articles”, so that we can share good information and learn new things, or be reminded of things we once thought about. The possibilities on this site are endless.


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Good tips. I get too much ehow spam, but sometimes someone actually sends me a good link.

By Cameron Rogers