How To Lift and Extract Frames in Adobe Premiere Pro

When you are using the software Adobe Premiere Pro, you will have the option to lift and extract specific frames within the media file that you are working on. If you are working with a media file that contains a sequence of frames there is a way to lift and extract the frames you wish to extract. Once you have extracted the frames there will be an open time line in the frame that would have contained the frame that you extracted. If you have a frame of another clip that is equal to the amount of time that was extracted, this is where you could insert that clip. With this option you will not have to move other clips around that are remaining in the file.

The first step you are going to use in Adobe Premiere Pro is to click on the frames that you want to delete. Once you have selected the files you are going to hit the delete key. You can select multiple clips at one time by holding down the shift key and once you have selected all the frames that you wish to delete hit the delete key. This will remove all frames that you wish to remove and allow you to move onto the next step. Adobe Premiere Pro is not as complicated as most say it is.

The next step is going to be to use the control option in the program monitor to specify where the points are with the ins and outs to remove a whole range of frames. Once this has been done you will want to click on the option of lift. The lift button is found in the Program monitor window on the lower right hand side and is the third button in on Adobe Premiere Pro.

You will then need to close the entire gap to make the time line not show any deletion in the frames that were removed. By using the range points for ins and outs first select them and hit the extract button which is located in the program monitor on the lower right hand corner and is the second button in on the software Adobe Premiere Pro.

Once you have done this you are on the last step of the process. You will need to close the gap by using the edit menu and choosing to use the ripple delete option. This will conclude the lift and extract portion of Adobe Premiere Pro.

The Adobe Premiere Pro is quite simple once you get familiar with the program and will become a pro faster than you think you would. There are multiple levels of Adobe Premiere Pro that you could become when learning to use this program. When Adobe Premiere Pro was created it was not created to be very complicated and with the right directions you could be a pro.


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