How To Link Multiple Audio Clips in the Adobe Premiere Pro

Syncing multiple audio clips is quite easy to do in Adobe Premiere Pro. With this too, you can link together multiple clips without worrying about them being out of sync, since there is an alert prompting you if the audio clips will not be in sync. This is a quite useful feature when you want to merge several audio files together in a presentation. It may seem intimidating but it is actually quite simple to do. Read on the steps listed below and you will see that this is something fast and easy to do, and very easy to teach your friends who are interested in making their own presentations.

  • Selecting your video clips for editing. You can start by holding down the Shift key and then selecting the video clips and audio clips that you want to link together. You can see these items in the timeline panel display of the application. Double check if these are the clips that you would want to use because you want to avoid unnecessarily editing clips that will not be of use to you anyway.
  • Selecting your link. The next step would be for you to select the link by going to the Clip menu and selecting the “Link” option. This can be seen at the upper portion of your workspace in the application.
  • Trimming your clips to link them up. From your Source Monitor, you should now display and then trim your multiclip links. You should proceed to the pop-up menu for the track when you are ready to take a look at the track that is already linked together.
  • Choosing your effects. You can now fill our clip with various effects which some are pre-made in Adobe Premiere Pro. You can view the effect options from the Effect Controls section that will display both the video and the audio track with already applied effects. You will notice that each track is already grouped together.
  • Making sure that they are in the same channel. Audio clips that you will be using should be making use of the same type of channel. This can be in mono, stereo or 5.1 mode. Also note that when linking clips, you are only linking copies of the clips and the actual master clip is for sure left untouched.

Just mix and match your effects and the combination of audio clip to your video clip. Do not be afraid to experiment and play with your items since this is where real creativity comes in. With the syncing feature, you do not need to manually make sure that the audio and the video are syncing properly. You can focus your attention on other items such as editing the actual content, conceptualizing the focus of your video and by making sure your effects are spot on and appropriate for the overall look and feel of the video presentation that you are using. Be ready to spend some time editing your video especially if the machine that you are using does not have top of the line specs since processing a video can be quite consuming for the machine’s memory.


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