How To Link Your eBay and Facebook Accounts

eBay is a popular online auction and shopping website that allows its users to buy and sell different types of merchandise worldwide. Facebook on the other hand is a popular social networking site that allows its users to connect with family and friends. Now don’t you think it will be a good idea to link both your eBay and Facebook accounts to create more chances for your merchandise to sell, and update your Facebook contacts of your other activities on eBay? Don’t know how to link your eBay and Facebook accounts? Then read on to learn how to do just about that.

  1. Create an eBay and a Facebook account. Obviously, this step is imperative as it cannot work with just one account. What’s going to happen is you want your Facebook contacts to know what your activities are on eBay, and to also get to manage your eBay account even if you are on Facebook’s page. Just load up both Websites on your computer and register if you don’t have a username yet.
  2. Subscribe to the eBay Marketplace application. Once you are done registering to both Websites, log on to your Facebook account and search for the eBay Marketplace, or click on this link to be directed to it: and make sure to click on ‘Allow’ once you have the application pulled up. After that, click on ‘Link your eBay account to Facebook’ and you will be directed to eBay’s sign in page. Just enter your used ID and your password to successfully link your Facebook account to your eBay account.
  3. Change the settings under Options from Facebook. When you are done linking the two accounts together, you will then be directed to ‘eBay Marketplace on Facebook’ where you will also see you’re the activity of your friends on eBay, manage the items you have auctioned in eBay, and also share your other activities on eBay with your Facebook contacts. eBay defaults all of your listings to be shared on Facebook, except for certain items on certain categories. If you do not want your friends to see what auctions you are joining, or auctions you were not lucky to win, or the items you are buying, then you can change your sharing options. Once you are on the page of ‘eBay Marketplace on Facebook’, click on ‘Options’ on the upper right hand side and change your share listings.

Facebook’s feature called News Feed allows you to post updates about yourself via pictures, notes, events, etc. which all your contacts can see. Why not maximize this feature to also post your updates on your eBay account right? Use it to your advantage, so that you can earn more.


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