How To List Your URL with All Search Engines

When creating a website your goal is to for people to come in, read, view, click, download, interact, enjoy and eventually to return to your site and even recommend it to others. It sounds, works and seems quite simple enough to mount and achieve. But the real challenge is the medium itself – the Internet. The Internet is a vast landscape that it gives you access to millions of potential website visitors but it also houses millions of other competitors for your website’s visitor.

That is why there are almost a thousand ways to promote your website so that future visitor’s will not wander and go straight to your site. There’s online advertising, social networking site link and blog cross promotion. But one of the most effective ways to drive visitors to your site is by posting your URL in search engines. So here are some tips on how to list all your URLs with all search engines.

  • Pre-search and conquer. Beginning this project does not happen immediately. It is not as difficult but still you should prepare for it. Start off by gathering your links. Make sure you have them organized so you will be able to list them in search engines in an orderly manner. Secondly, your computer must be in good running condition. A broken computer will make the entire process slower and much complicated. Lastly, make sure that you have a good Internet connection. This will help in listing the URL faster and smoother. An ounce of preparation will give you tons of convenience.
  • Freebies for your URL babies. One way to make sure that you list your URL successfully is to incur as little cost as possible. So do look for free websites to help you out. These free sites should give you the power to list your URL to more than one search engine at one time. A good example is Submit Express. This site submits the URL you have to more than 30 different search engines.
  • Shell out to get sold out. The catch to free search engine placements is the limited submissions. If you feel this is limiting the success of your website then you should go for the sites that ask you to pay for a premium. Take for example, Mega Web Promotions. You have to pay 29$ in exchange for your URL submitted thousands of search engines. This is the kind of service you will not get out of free sites.
  • Manual labor FTW. The adage don’t send a boy to do a man’s job still holds true even in listing URL in search engines. So when you feel that listing websites, free or paid, cannot do the job for you, it is time that you list your URL manually. This will take time. But it gives you the peace of mind when it comes to listing your URL. The basic steps to do this are to go to the search engine, like Yahoo, and make use of their submission tool to have your URL listed.

Do not let your efforts in creating a good website go to waste. Make sure that the visitors see you in their favorite search engine. List your URL now.


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