How To Listen to Police Frequencies on the Internet

The general public is naturally interested to know what goes on in and around their neighborhood, especially in times of crisis and natural disasters. Back in the day when CB (Citizens Band) Radios and Ham (Amateur) Radios were popular devices used for communication, hobbyists would use the radio to scan for police frequencies and listen in on the action. These days, however, people can listen to police frequencies on the internet through websites and downloadable applications. Using your pc as a police scanner would probably be a cheaper alternative to purchasing a police radio scanner.

1. Find websites on the Internet.

If you plan on using the internet to listen in on police frequencies, then you will have to look for websites that have plug-ins or applications for receiving and scanning radio frequencies. Your computer must be equipped with a sound card, a fast internet connection, and an updated Adobe Flash Player. You can use the basic sound card that is usually installed when you purchase a computer. With a broadband internet connection, you can scan for radio frequencies easily and listen without having dropouts due to poor internet speeds. The flash player from adobe is usually required by websites that stream radio stations. The flash player has a user interface that lets the user control functions to scan and play radio frequencies.

You will find websites on the internet that allows you to scan and listen to police frequencies. Most of these websites feature police frequencies from various locations. Most enforcement agencies make live broadcasts over the internet that community watch teams can scan for information that will help in law enforcement efforts. During emergencies, the public can be informed about pending danger in certain areas which will help to decrease damage to life and property.

These websites will have links available that you can click for police frequencies from a particular location. One such website is which has a list of scanners from all over the United States. If you can’t find the particular location you are looking for on the list you can use the link to which features a map powered by Google. There are red graphic pushpins on the map that you can click to display the link for the police scanner from that location.

2. iPod Applications

There are applications for the iPhone and iTouch that were created by software developers to enable users to listen to police frequencies. Police scanner applications can be purchased and installed on your iPhone or iTouch. When you launch the application you can specify a location and the application will locate police frequencies in that area.       

Listening in on police frequencies on the internet is useful to gain awareness on the peace and order situation in your area. The information you gain will also come in handy in emergency situations and disasters.


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