How To Listen to White Noise on your Computer

Various studies have found that listening to white noise can block out distracting noises and enhance concentration. White noise is the sound that you get on your television set when you select a channel that is not used by a television network and your screen displays a swarm of black and white dots. Listening to white noise can mask unwanted noise and help you focus on your work or help you sleep better. Try the suggestions below to enable you to listen to white noise on your computer.  

1. Listen to White Noise on websites.

There are several websites on the internet that have white noise generator applications that you can listen to while you work on your computer. If you are at the office or working from home and there are distracting noises around your area, you can visit websites that have white noise generators to help you focus on your work. is a website that offers a white noise generator that is free for everyone to use. The website visitor just has to click the “WHITE NOISE” option to activate the sound. The volume control on the computer can be used to find a comfortable sound level. The audio sound is looped to allow it to keep playing and will only end when the visitor closes the web page. The web page can be saved through the “Save” option on the browser and can also be added to the Favorites list with the “Add to favorites” button on the page.

There are other types of sound masking noises to be found on the page that you can try like the fan sound, rain noise or running water sound. is another website that has a white noise generator that is free to use. When the web page opens you will see a bar with a circular tab that you can slide to select different levels of the white noise. Sliding the circular tab to the right will increase the level of white noise and decreases when you slide it to the left. Experiment with different levels until you find a level that you are satisfied with. You can leave the web page open while you work on your computer or when you go to bed.

2. Download White Noise generators.

You can download white noise on the internet that you can use when you are offline. These may come as an application or a sound file. You can choose the white noise generator application that you can install on your computer and then manipulate settings on the application’s interface to achieve the right level of white noise. The sound file may be available to download in different audio formats like .mp3 or .wav. These sound files can be downloaded and played on your computer’s audio player.

The ability of white noise to block distracting noises can also be used to soothe headaches or migraines, and even help calm colicky babies.


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