How To Load Coupons onto Your Safeway Card

Home shopping is now seen as a viable alternative to the old fashioned way of stocking the fridge, especially effective for the working parent. Each day you go visit the grocery store, you may be sacrificing a chore or two just to pick up some milk or cereal for the next day. With such an option, you don’t only save money on transportation but you also get to bring the grocery into your own home – with great savings to come with it. And even if you just can’t avoid driving to the store, the same amazing savings can still be yours through the use of the Safeway Club Card and its wonderful line of coupons.

With Safeway, you can either have the Print Coupons or the Digital Coupons that are available on its website ( To acquire a Print coupon, simply log on and go to the site’s Coupon Center page and you’ll see an entire page of flashy coupons to choose from. You will be required to put in your ZIP code if you want to find available coupons in your area or you can use the Coupon Sorter to either browse the page by top brands or by category. You may be asked to click on the “Add All Coupons” on the upper portion of the page to maximize your savings but it’s best to go over the details of each coupon if you have the time to find out how much you really are saving.

Safeway’s Digital Coupons are a bit easier to manage and in fact, you don’t have to worry about printing something out. All you need to do is log on to the site and click on the Coupons page where you can find the Digital Coupons links. Choose the coupon option that you need and click on the “Load Coupons” link. Whether you choose Shortcut$.com, Cellfire, or P&G eSaver, you will be required to sign in using your email and password before you can digitally add coupons from the site. After signing in, you’ll be reverted to the coupons page to select your desired coupons. Simply click on the “Add” link at the bottom of each coupon to automatically have it in your Safeway card. Just like Print coupons, Digital coupons also give you the option to browse by category, location or the latest coupons available. It is important that you also check the expiration date written below each coupon. If you’re using Cellfire, you can do the same process using your PC or your mobile phone but since you’ll be using your phone, you may be charged nominal carrier charges especially if you’re on a pay-as-you-go plan. Just log in and add the coupons of your choice.

Adding coupons on your Safeway card is a simple way of making sure your dollars are well-spent. It’s as easy as ordering at a fast food chain where all you do is tell the person taking your order what you want and he’ll put it in your tray, only this time it’s free of charge.


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