How To Load MP3 Files to a Kindle

The Amazon Kindle, or simply called “Kindle,” is a portable eBook reader developed by Although reading eBooks is what it was made for, the Kindle is also capable of reading other multimedia files like MP3. Logically, the device needs to have that feature if it wants to capture the podcast listener market. Good thing, that feature is not limited to listening podcasts or webcasts only. Music MP3 files can also be loaded to a Kindle and play them on the background. It’s a great way to relax while reading a good book or the day’s digital newspaper.

Here’s how to load MP3 files to a Kindle:

  • Step 1. Charge up the Kindle. It will take about 30 minutes to load up a 1GB-worth of MP3 files. You cannot recharge the device while loading files through USB connection because its charger is using the same port. But you can do that if you’ll load up using an SD card.
  • Step 2. Prepare the MP3 files to be loaded. If you’ll get them from your computer, then prepare them in an order that you want them to be played. Do the same even if you’ll use an SD card. With Kindle, you cannot play music in the order that you like. The device will play music in the order of when the file was loaded. So the music that was copied first will be the first to be played, too. Even if you rename the music with numbers, the device will still play them in the “when” order.
  • Step 3. Copy the MP3 files. Plug in the USB cord into the Kindle and then, plug the other end into your computer. The computer will read the device as an external disk drive unless you’ve given it a unique name. Open the device and look for the “Music” folder. Copy the MP3 files into this folder in the order that you want them to be played. Do not attempt to copy these files in other folders or the device won’t recognize them as music files. Meanwhile, if you’ll use an SD card, you don’t have to load the files into the device. Kindle can play the music from there as long as it has the same folders that the internal memory has. Still, you may copy files from the card into the internal memory.
  • Step 4. Wait until the transfer is completed. Safely remove the device from the computer and then unplug the USB cord. Remove the SD card also after you’re done copying the MP3 files.

Another way to load up MP3 files to a Kindle is through downloading them from the Internet. Kindle 3 has WiFi and 3G connectivity, which allow users to surf the Net and download music files. These files will automatically be downloaded in the Music folder.

Finally, you can now listen to music while reading eBooks. To do so, press the “Home” button, the “Menu” button, “Experimental” option, and then the “Play MP3.” As mentioned, Kindle will play the music in the order of the files’ date of loading in the device. You may skip the current song to play the next song, though. Just press Alt+F and it will skip to the next music.


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