How To Locate a Customer Review Web Site

Customer reviews have been lauded as a great way to find information about a product or service before making a purchase. Consumer reviews are often viewed as more honest than reviews published in magazines and special-interest websites because these are written by customers who have purchased the items themselves, and not writers who have been sent free samples, which might result in biased evaluations.

There are actually a lot of sources for customer reviews, which you might find useful, whether you are a prospective buyer looking for end-user reviews, or if you have already bought an item and would like to share your experiences and opinions. You can often find reviews on online retailer sites, review sites and even blogs.

Online retailers. Online retailers often include customer reviews in their items. Some, like Amazon, let users post reviews on items they have bought. The system also includes recommendations for other products that buyers have also purchased. Some sites, like auction site eBay, feature reviews done by both editors and customers. Most of these retailers also have rating systems for reviews, which let readers give feedback on whether a review is useful or not. This makes it easier for any user to filter reviews according to how useful and relevant these are to the product.

Review sites. The internet is also teeming with sites that were built just for consumer reviews. Most of these focus on items that are popular with the online shopping crowd, such as digital cameras, laptops, mobile phones, and other electronic gadgetry. Some review sites focus on works of art and literature, like books, movies, plays, and the like.

Among notable examples of gadget review sites where customers write the reviews are ePinions, and Consumer Search. You can also find specialized sites that focus on certain consumer products. For digital cameras, for instance, you can visit DP Review and Imaging Resource. For mobile phones, GSM Arena would be a good start. For movies, Rotten Tomatoes has a good aggregator of reviews by movie critics and casual movie goers alike. The Internet Movie Database is another popular review site for movies.

Blogs. Aside from centralized review sites, another good source of consumer reviews are blogs. Many blogs are personal in nature, and articles would reflect the current opinions and experiences of the author. However, some blogs focus on certain niches or topics, and many of these offer product reviews, as well. Among popular topics in blog reviews are gadgets and food. For instance, JKK Mobile is a popular notebook and gadget reviewer. Food bloggers like often visit restaurants to have a taste of cuisine all around.

Looking for blogs might be difficult if you don’t know where to start. It’s often easiest to look for reviews on Google Blog Search or blog directories like EatonWeb.

Consumer reviews are helpful in that they bring about honest evaluations of products and services. These reduce the possibility of your buying badly made products, and with review sites, you can also share your own experiences and opinions about products you buy.


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