How To Locate Free WiFi Hotspots

Why pay for Internet usage on your phone or computer if you can connect to a free WiFi hotspot? Hotels, airports, schools, parks, libraries, and restaurants are just some of the public places offering free WiFi hotspots. It is almost impossible that you can’t find one free WiFi hotspot within every city in the world. With so many hotspots around the globe, you don’t need to spend even a single cent to surf the 'Net.

But before you can connect to WiFi hotspots, you have to locate free hotspots first. There are many ways to do this and below are some of these ways:

  • Use your gadget’s WiFi search ability. Almost all new phones, laptops, and PDAs today have WiFi connectivity function. Included to this is the ability of the gadget to look for the nearest hotspots. If you don’t know how, better refer to the gadget’s manual. Most gadgets today can start searching for WiFi hotspots after clicking the WiFi icon. Wait for a while and the gadget will show you the results. You can now see the available WiFi hotspots near your location.
  • Connect to a public or free hotspot. Don’t expect that all of the found hotspots are free. Some of them might be private WiFi hotspots. They’ll require a password or PIN number before you can use their connection.
  • Locate hotspots with a WiFi finder. This small battery-operated device can hang from a key chain. It uses radio frequency to scan WiFi broadcasts. You know that it has spotted WiFi hotspots through its blinking LED light. The nearer you are to the hotspot, the faster its blinking will be. With this device, you don’t have to power up your laptop, PDA, or mobile phone to scan for WiFi hotspots from time to time. This device is highly useful during travels when you need to save gadget batteries.
  • Search for WiFi hotspots in advance. Use free online services to locate free WiFi hotspots in your desired location. With this, you can familiarize available hotspots in your area or your travel destination. Some of the most popular WiFi hotspots searching websites are JiWire, Wi-Fi Zone Finder, Wi-Fi FreeSpot, The Hotspot Haven, and WiFinder.

JiWire supports and indexes many countries for free and paid hotspots. Use the website to look for WiFi hotspots based on street address, postal code, access point name, and airport code. You may browse through the website’s categories. Use Wi-Fi Zone Finder if you want to look for ZONE-registered WiFi hotspots. With their service, you are sure that the list only keeps high-quality and active hotspots.

Wi-Fi FreeSpots, on the other hand, focuses only on searching free WiFi hotspots. Their worldwide listing can be organized based on the business type or geography. The Hotspot Haven is unique with customers’ scores, rank, and rating on different WiFi hotspots. WiFinder is a private company that can search hotspots based on protocol and location. They offer fewer listings but sometimes, they have listed hotspots that are not available in other websites.

After locating a free WiFi hotspot, you can now connect to the Internet for free. But to do so, you need a gadget that can connect to the 'Net through WiFi. Also, be careful when entering public WiFi hotspots. Hackers can easily enter devices connected to a certain hotspot. Always use free services with caution and care.


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