How To Locate Owners of Real Property

Finding real property owners for your business or for investigation purposes can be a daunting task if you don’t know what to do and where to start. Most people will actually jump into hiring a private investigator to do the job but this option will take a huge toll on your budget. While this is still a viable choice, it is important to know that there are other means to retrieve such valuable records.

One good way of looking up interesting and reliable sources of database of real property owners are sites that offer mailing lists for a meager price. Since the dawn of telemarketing, these mailing lists sites have gained solid grounds in providing real property owners’ information. One very good example is F1stmark, Inc. As a successful directory and mailing lists site, F1stmark offers over 47 million homeowners based on assessor records and county recorders. These contacts are available by gender and state and consist of the owner’s name, email and address. You can also specify which information you’d like to have such as the assessed value range or the property, property type, market value, property equity, etc. for an additional price.

There are more of these mailing list companies on the Internet and it is important to limit your search by the location you wish to gather the information from. Also you need to write down the information you need to look up like the parcel number, the owner’s physical address, and etc. so you know immediately what to ask if there aren’t any available references on the Internet and you need to call the county recorder or tax assessor’s office yourself. You can verify if one state has available resources by searching it up on your trusted search engine. You may use keywords like the state, the tax assessor’s office or the county recorder in that state, or real property owners in the state.

County recorders and tax assessor’s offices are your best bet when it comes to real property owners’ records. If you happen to be in Maryland for example, you can easily view the Department of Assessments and Taxation at You’ll see a complete list of all property owners, real property statistics and full contact information of local counties in the state including the best time to give them a call. Similar database can be found on other states’ assessments and taxation departments available online.

If all else fails and you can shell out a budget to hire real property private investigators, there are available options for you in this category. You can check out Gambino Information Services at This site can provide you with a comprehensive database of real property owners with a turn-around time of 2-3 business days. Visit the site to learn more about how to avail of its services or email

You may also try to investigate and obtain real property owners’ records for you. Complete with legal services, litigation support, and tactical private investigation, this site can prove to be very useful too. Check out the site to find out the areas serves or call its toll-free hotline 1-800-306-4310.


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