How To Locate Paying Blog Gigs

People blog just for the plain pleasure of blogging, but what most don’t know is that you can earn money while blogging. With paid blogging, you are being paid for the things you enjoy writing. Here are the steps on how to turn blogging into a livelihood that pays.

  1. Create your own blog and post materials! Anything that you can talk about under the sun, publish it on your blog. After all, blogging starts with you. Post anything and everything that you could talk about: movie reviews,     must read books, product recommendations, online computer tutorials, game walkthroughs, or even food recipes.
  2. Shape a good reputation with your blog site. The materials that you are posting on your blog should be positive and discrete. It should not promote hate and racial indifference. If possible, make sure that everything published on your blog are factual and true. Also, observe proper grammar guidelines when writing your blog.
  3. Make it so that your blog become your portfolio. As your blog will technically become your bread and butter, ensure that everything on your blog is made by you. The posts on your blog are a reflection of how you work and write. When they ask for a sample of your work and you showed them your blog, the tendency of employers not to hire you are high if you do not have enough samples of your work.
  4. Produce a good resume and post it online. Making a separate Web site that has your resume and sample portfolio on it is a good idea. Employers will usually ask for an online resume so having this ready will make it easier to you each time you apply for a job. Make sure to include and cite your previous work, current gigs, samples of your past work, ratings from previous employers (if available). Once you are done creating your online resume, make sure to post a link of it on your blog.
  5. Find a job opening involving paid blogging.  You can search though a search engine by inputting search hints like “paid blogging” or “paid blog gig”. You can also go directly to Web sites like where employers post job offers to blog.
  6. Send your resume with a short cover letter to your prospective employer.  Your cover letter should be addressed directly to the hiring manager. Properly start your letter with the correct salutation. Include your most recent gig and state your capabilities that the company can surely capitalize on you. 

There are times that looking for a blog gig online isn’t sufficient. When this happens, look and join workshops and conferences dedicated for blogging gigs. These social events for bloggers serve as an opportunity to find a job because employers could also be attending the conference.


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