How To Locate Sex by Email Partners

If you are a very social and jolly person, you might be burning your cash by ceaselessly chatting with your old and new friends, joining the coolest parties to meet interesting people, or making frantic use of electronic messaging to meet people over the Internet. This is not a bad thing. This only shows that you have a genuine interest in expanding your social circle by finding ways by which you can meet new people who can eventually become your friends.

Meeting people through email is both convenient and interesting. You can meet random people and learn things about them. But since you cannot personally see the person you are exchanging messages with, you cannot be fully sure of the personal details about them. You may not know their real name, their exact location and even their sex. Read this article and know how you can locate the sex of your email partners:

  1. Be observant of their personal quirks. When exchanging e-mails with your e-mail partners, observe their quirks and quips. Observe the way they answer to your questions or respond toy our jokes. Do they seem to be jeering as well? Do they ride on to their jokes? How do they react when you talk about supposedly gendered topics like reading Playboy, or going to malls and shopping for make-ups and eye liners, or watching John Cena in wrestling or Rafael Nadal in Wimbledon. The way they respond to the topics you are bringing in will give you an idea of their sex. If one person suddenly answers with obvious glee and excitement when you said something about Bruce Willis in Die Hard, the person you are talking to may be a girl. You just have to watch out carefully for clues during your discussion, which can tell you about the sex of that person.
  2. Take note of your e-mail partners’ answers. Aside from observing the way your e-mail partners respond to the conversations you begin, it would also help if you carefully observe the persons’ responses. If you made a comment about the Cleveland Cavaliers’ current poor showing in NBA and the person replies with an “Oh, I don’t watch basketball and that stuff.” It may give you the hint that the person is a girl because she is not interested in basketball. By observing the responses of your e-mail partner to the topics you get started with, you can also have an idea of the sex.
  3. Take note also of the topics your e-mail partners get started with. Does your e-mail partner suddenly send you a message about the latest online game or the latest car he saw in a catalogue? Then it might be clues that he is a boy! By observing every detail of the things that he says, you can determine what could be the sex of the person you are talking to.

Exchanging e-mails with people is fun. With the prospect of gaining a new acquaintance or finding a new precious friend, you are always thrilled by your every e-mail session. But sometimes, you may be doubtful of the true personality of the person you are communicating with. By reading the steps above, you can have an idea of the sex of the other people you will be talking with in the future.


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