How To Locate the Best Free People Finder

Why pay about $30 for information that you can find for free? With free people finder, you can already get as much information as you need about a person. But keep in mind that although free people finders will not cost you anything, they will surely cost you some time and effort.

Do the following ways when locating the best free people finders:

Gather as many information as you can. Free people finders will be more helpful if you can find at least enough information about the person. Don’t just rely on his name but try to remember his profession, the company he worked for, his location, and school. Any piece of information that you can find about that person will be very helpful.

  • Decide the best people finder based on your available information. If you only have the person’s contact number, then you should use people finders that can locate people through their number. If you only know their name, then choose a free people finder that can locate through names. Even if you only know the address, there will be a specific free people finder that will work best for your needs.
  • Ask for recommendations. There are hundreds of free people finders out there. Using these one by one will only consume a lot of time and it will never be a wise move. You may start trying the most recommended free people finder by your colleagues, the most visited, the most popular, and those with the highest ratings. Recommended finders are more probably the best on their field.
  • Locate the best free people finder based on your relationship with the person. For instance, if you are looking for a former classmate, then maybe you can search for her in websites like If you are looking for someone who is professionally related to you, then try LinkedIn.

Some of the Best Free People Finder

Are you having a hard time locating the best free people finder? Maybe one of the following will be considered “best” based on your standard:

  • Pipl. This website uses the same searching techniques as search engines. It also scans for the person’s name on the Web, unlike other people finder that searching only on its database. Pipl claims to use the “deep web” search where it can penetrate contact details, documents, Web pages, quick facts, and personal details. It may provide alternate names of the person you’re looking for like aliases and forum usernames.
  • Facebook. At first, this social networking site was only for classmates. But then, it expanded to be one of the world’s biggest social networking sites. With its members nearing to billion, it is possible to locate someone through Facebook. You can also narrow down your search through location, school, or company.
  • AnyWho. The giant AT&T powers this online directory. With AT&T’s scope, it’s possible that you can use this to look for a person who is probably using their service.
  • Switchboard. This PC Magazine awardee for Best of the Internet on 2004 can help you search for home addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, people, and businesses.

Locating the best free people finder will not be easy with the so many possible bests on the field. Try each of them and see for yourself which of these is the truly best of the best free people finders.


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